Who Am I?

Are you tired of going through the same old grind every day? Are you having trouble trying to find meaning in a complex society? Are you distressed over having to go to a job every day that lacks meaningful challenge and leaves you dissatisfied? Is your day uneventful? Has the work ethic gone to the dogs? Do you come home irritable and take it out on the spouse, kids or the dog? Are you tired of having to click on and off the various faces of reality that help you make it through the day, beginning with facing yourself in the morning mirror? Have you ever wondered what exactly you are doing here on planet Earth? Are you here for a greater purpose, and is there something else you are supposed to be doing? Do you want a new job and a new life?

Well, something better does await you, and the University of Spirituality can help you find it. The University of Spirituality can help you prepare, change and transform yourself so that you are better equipped to handle a new job and a new life, regardless of the given circumstances. The University of Spirituality is an online school that provides guidance about Spirituality. The interest in spirituality is grabbing the attention of more and more people from all walks of life. Learning about our greater potential, both as individuals and as a collective global community, is of primary importance if we are to prosper as a race. Although the world situation may at times appear dark and uncertain, there is a new age of peace looming on the horizon, and spirituality stands as the paradigm for understanding who we are and where we are going. More and more people are being inspired to investigate the intricacies of what spirituality really means and what it can do for them.

A university can be categorized as an institution for higher learning. It is divided into various departments sponsoring various programs all for the sake of teaching students. Common examples of departments are a school for business, engineering, liberal arts, architecture, health, agriculture, and the sciences. We are free to choose a career path which, hopefully, brings us financial rewards to sustain our lifestyle. The career path we choose may satisfy our professional interests, but does it satisfy our personal interests? In other words, after putting a lot of effort into our education and experiencing the working world for a time, some of us are still left with unanswered questions. Although we may feel somewhat secure with finances and a roof over our head, there is a void within us. There is something unfulfilled within us, and it can be very difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is. The point to be made here is that with all of our technological advances and vast career opportunities, modern education falls short of answering our most important questions about life.

Spirituality, quite simply, is the quality of being spiritual. It is a loving, peaceful and compassionate quality that lies hidden within us until we tap into its vast wealth. You might even say that spirituality is an art form that is uniquely expressed by and through each individual in a personal way. Spirituality enhances our character attributes, expands our potential and helps us to be the best we can be. Individual Spirituality is the most important quality we have.

The University of Spirituality is, without a doubt, an institution for higher learning. In fact, it is the highest learning possible because when engaging in the process of developing and enhancing our spirituality, we begin to emerge into what we might otherwise refer to as ‘spiritual maturity.’ Spiritual maturity is an expanded state of mind and awareness that helps us conceive of greater possibilities for ourselves and for the contributions we can make to the greater community. Spiritual maturity is a transformed and revitalized identity that speaks to us directly from the heart with the following realization.

I am much more than I thought I was.
I understand the nature of my being more deeply.
I have the ability and the potential 
to exceed my self-imposed limits.
I know that I can do anything.
I can be and I am the best that I can be.
I can and I will live forever.

How does spirituality figure into the job thing we spoke of earlier? Spirituality brings meaning and clarity to life and helps you to be the best that you can be regardless of the given circumstances. There is a better life ahead for you, including, if you so desire, a new job. First, however, a deep self-assessment should be undertaken to get to know yourself better and decide what you really want to do with your life, beginning with the following questions:

Are you truly able to answer these questions and still be honest with yourself? In some respects, it is not a point of finding a new job or moving from job to job to find the perfect working environment because, in all likelihood, the stresses, lack of purposeful meaning, and bureaucratic shadiness will always be present to at least some degree. Spirituality helps you deal with these problems and much more. Spirituality helps to alleviate stress because you’ll find calm composure within you. Spirituality helps you realize that there is a larger meaning to your life even when meaning seems absent from your immediate surroundings. Spirituality can help you to better deal with problems and bring positive change to the working environment because, for starters, you work to change yourself. Spirituality gives you a fresh perspective on the meaning of life, and exhibiting such positive energies reflects on others. The key point here is that you must get to know yourself much more fully before you can figure out what you really want to do with your life.