The World of Spirituality

In the quest to solve the great mysteries of life, humanity inevitably must look to spirituality for answers. Sooner or later, every man and woman will look to their own spirituality, for spirituality is the central spark of creativity, intuitive knowledge, and the broad sense of perception, wholeness and gratification within everyone. Looking to one’s inner spirit reveals truth in a profound way because it leads the individual from the boundaries of a limited understanding of the mind to greater possibilities that once seemed impossible. It is a process of learning through the journey of self-reflection and self-exploration that reveals answers beyond textbook definitions and preconceived ideas about the most important issues of life existence.

The University of Spirituality is a place to help you in the ever-most important quest of self-realization. You have much greater potential than you know, and it lies within your own spirit. You can learn everything you ever wanted to know about yourself through an empathic relationship you develop with your best friend: your spirit. When approaching your new friend with an open-minded receptive awareness and understanding of what it can do for you, the benefits are immeasurable. You’ll slowly discover who you are, why you are here, where you have been, and what you can do to play a more decisive role in creating a prosperous future.

Spirit is an inexhaustible source of energy that is freely available to everyone, yet remains hidden from sight. It is a natural force activated by your own thought process and willingness to explore the latent possibilities of the uncharted mind. This spiritual or soul energy flows in silence along streams of life within you and serves as the natural caretaker and healer of your body. The good news is that you are already a spiritual person. You already have everything you need to access this wellspring of knowledge, health, wisdom, and potential.

In every respect, turning to the world of spirituality is inevitable because it is a world you create yourself by building a new world from within your spirit, a mini world all your own that you can share with whomever you wish. It is a transparent world vibrating with inspirational energy, timeless creativity, liveliness, robust health, contentment, and a newly discovered intuitive guidance system that somehow you always knew you had.

The world is riddled with uncertainties. Greed, corruption, internal conflict, war, violence, disease, and hunger are widespread. Imagine a world free from darkness. Envision a world where there is no opposition, disease or poverty, and people live in cooperation and harmony with each other and the earth itself. This is the world of spirituality. The world of spirituality is one where there are no uncertainties. It is one filled with goodness, peace, compassion, love, security, and a stream of abundant prosperity in which everyone naturally flows. You are free from all harm because it is a world you create within the House of God. You can have a significant impact on making the world a better place by first changing your own individual world by listening to the guidance from your spirit. Let’s further explore the University of Spirituality.