The Six Principles of Spirituality

Your individual spirituality is inherent within you. You have always had
it and you always will have it because it is a quality bestowed by God.

Your individual spirituality is an expression of your spirit. 
Your spirit can also be referred to as your auric energy field.

Your individual spirit is governed by your soul and
your soul is the source from which your life springs.

You have the innate ability to experience more fully the richness, love,
and exuberance of your spirit merely by learning to bring it out from within yourself.

Facilitating the process of individual spiritual development necessitates learning, understanding and
accepting the fact that your spirit lies within you. The focus of your attention and general awareness
should be directed within you, especially upon your heart, in order to stimulate the action of your spirit.

The entire process entails the increased vibratory motion of your auric energy field. This
action is accomplished by focusing your thought energy upon God, the Holy Spirit,
the source of love and energy, within you, thereby stimulating your soul.