The Mystery School

The University of Spirituality is also referred to as a mystery school, and although it is invisible and inaccessible to the corporeal senses, such a mystery provides us with the opportunity to engage in new and exciting experiences that we never before thought possible. Students access these retreats while engaged in deep prayer and meditation, and some actually visit these retreats while sleeping! The entire process occurs at the soul level and is governed by the Holy Spirit. Interactive learning occurs through direct telepathic or conscious transference (The Guru-Self), a method of learning discussed in these teachings. In short, wherever you are, the University of Spirituality is in close proximity. Though this may be a hard concept to grasp initially, the more you meditate on it, the closer it will feel to your heart.

Still, we might ask ourselves the following question. “Does the University of Spirituality and other schools of like mystery actually exist?” To this we can say, “Yes!” But… belief comes only through experience as the individual is prepared. We offer the following excerpt from the book The Holographic Universe. The information is in regards to great cities of light and higher schools of learning. Information of this nature is very rare. There simply is not much published about it because it is a profound mystery.

“The most notable of these great cities is that they are brilliantly luminous. They are also frequently described as foreign in architecture and so sublimely beautiful that like all of the other features of these implicate dimensions, words fail to convey their grandeur. In describing one such city, Swedenborg said that it was a place of staggering architectural design, so beautiful that you would say ‘that this is the home and source of art itself.’ People who visit these cities also assert that they have an unusual number of schools and other buildings associated with the pursuit of knowledge. Some subjects have reported spending much time hard at work learning at libraries and seminar rooms while in the in-between life state. Many NDEers (Near Death Experiencers) also report being shown schools, libraries and institutions of higher learning during their experiences. And one can even find references to great cities of learning and reachable only by journeying into the deep, hidden depths of the mind and some travel there while sleeping. There have been cases in which NDEers report that the buildings of higher learning that they visited were not just devoted to knowledge, but were literally ‘built out of knowledge.’ This curious choice of words suggest that perhaps visits to these edifices are encounters with something so far beyond human conception, perhaps a dynamic living cloud of pure knowledge or what information becomes, as some put it, after it has been transformed into another realm, that translating it into a holograph of a building or library is the only way the human mind can process it.”

Some of you may have already visited the University of Spirituality or other etheric retreat without realizing it, which means that you may indeed already be enrolled in a school of higher learning. For example, does your intuition seem sharper these days, coupled with a sense of calling to a higher purpose, even though you may not be sure what that entails? Are your dream experiences occurring more regularly, and are they coupled with increased intensity and clarity? Have you recently had dream experiences where you remembered being engaged in a school-type atmosphere? Did you awaken feeling a strong intuitive sense that you actually participated in a classroom activity of higher learning?