The Library of Self-Discovery

Remember when you were in school and spent time in the library conducting research, studying, or perhaps sleeping? Libraries are nothing less than fun and educational, and one of the best ways to spend taxpayer dollars. Libraries have expanded their services considerably and now offer an even greater variety of activities. In addition to the great variety of books, libraries offer internet access, videos, CD’s, children’s activities, meeting rooms – and all of this is free.

The University of Spirituality Library is infinite in potential, and you are invited to have greater access to its banks of knowledge. The University of Spirituality Library functions much different from a conventional library. You access knowledge through the principle of direct impression. In other words, knowledge is impressed directly upon the consciousness through streams of thought energy. The process is what you might call a higher form of distance learning, distance being a relative term. Regular and in-depth exposure to the knowledge banks of the library gives you new and creative ideas beyond your wildest expectations and anything you could ever imagine.

It is quite mindboggling to fathom, but all ideas are already in existence. The ideas are particles of energy floating freely within the Holy Spirit. All ideas are part of the infinite library of knowledge, and you can access and bring them into your reality. You have a built-in library card which allows you to access knowledge. Your library card is, in fact, your auric energy field. The cleaner and brighter your auric energy field becomes, the more books you can take on loans and the more information you have access to. You can tap into the ideas, knowledge, and wisdom that you are supposed to bring to the world. It is your Divine mission.

Each and every individual in God’s creation is unique and specializes in a certain area. This sounds great in concept, but given the constraints of the physical world, we don’t often get to do what we really want. There are only so many career paths from which to choose, and due to stiff educational requirements and competition, opportunities for success are limited. In the universal scheme of things, there is no competition, and each and everyone has a part to play. There is no competition, but there is a need. For example, if you are destined to be a teacher of God, you will take the necessary steps and learn the specific aspect of God that you are going to teach. Our goal here at the University of Spirituality is to help you expand your potential and discover higher purposes. After all, you are in school and need to decide on a major and curriculum. Your major will be something specific to you and your energy.

The University of Spirituality Library comprises two stories. The first story is the main library, which houses all the information you could ever imagine about the mysteries of the cosmos, including universal laws, principles, life, death, karma, spirituality, and the multiple forms of energy, to name just a few. Upon initially visiting the library, you will stand in awe of the stockpiles of information and infinite rows of subject material. It will be impossible for you to take in everything you perceive during your initial introduction; however, what you do connect with, while unbeknownst, will be somehow familiar, and you will certainly yearn to investigate further. The main floor of the library is for investigating knowledge and truth (of a general nature). You will visit the main floor with increasing regularity to research various topics, but first there is something you need to research and rediscover what is specific to you.

Somewhere in the library is a book with your name on it. The book we speak of is ‘The Book of Your Life,’ and it is about no one but you. The book with your name on it is located in the Great Hall of Akasia, and you must venture upstairs to find it. The entire second story of the library enables you to access the Great Hall of Akasia. The University of Spirituality Library is a branch of the Great Hall of Akasia. It is within this great hall where the book of your life rests on the shelf waiting for you to grasp its contents. Considering we are earnest seekers of higher knowledge and our insatiable curiosity prompts us to further investigate the mysteries of this wondrous place, the following questions arise:

How do I find my book?
Where do I start?
How many other books are there?
What kind of information is contained in them?

We’ll address these topics in a moment. For now, consider this: there are approximately ten billion books in the Great Hall of Akasia. As if the number of books on the first floor wasn’t overwhelming enough! There is a book that covers the life of each individual soul that is associated with the Earth at this particular present moment. Seven billion of those books are records of the souls currently residing in physical embodiments on the Earth. The other four billion books are records of souls who have departed the physical arena of life and have taken up residence in the nonphysical arena of life. These four billion souls are still close to the Earth. They are also close to us.

We can therefore see that the Great Hall of Akasia is big, unfathomably enormous, but it is also wise to keep in mind that this structure exists beyond the realm of space and time. Though we certainly find it fantastic that there are billions of books containing the life experiences of billions of souls housed within the upper story of the University of Spirituality Library, there is only one of those souls with whom we are concerned. That soul is you. Still, with billions of books to fish through, how do you find your book? No worries. Your soul knows exactly where your book is located and easily guides you there. The search is an automatic process governed by vibrational attraction. In the brief instant of wondering how you were going to find your book, there you were, standing in front of it, The Book of My Life, staring back at you! We might add that books are grouped in chronological order by the age of the soul. Now, the question is: are you a young soul, a middle-aged soul, or an old soul?

The cover of the book of your life has your soul name on it. Your soul name is the higher name given to your soul by God. After all, God is the Divine Parent of all souls and names Her children as She pleases. The book of your life contains the record of your life experience(s) while on earth and your subsequent lives while between physical embodiments. The book also contains the names of all the characters you have played while in physical embodiments. The book is necessary, for it serves to keep records of your actions and how you played your part on the stage of life. In short, when you left the House of God and ventured out into the world on your own, God established a file on you to keep track of your adventures, experiences, accomplishments and, unfortunately, your mishaps.

We should make it perfectly clear that while it is fun to envision yourself pulling the magical book of your life from the ethereal shelf, it is unlikely that you will flip through pages as you would an ordinary book. Rather, the contents of the book are impressed on your mind. The more open-minded you are, the more of the book’s contents are revealed to you. The endeavor should be approached with faithful trust that the information you receive is accurate and meant specifically for you because you may not always like what you discover about yourself. There should also be no rush to know its contents and no worries about the future. This is the book of your life with which you are reconnecting and all is kept in the strictest confidence. We might add that the Master Librarians oversee all records in the Hall of Akasia with the utmost security. The security is a natural process according to one’s own energy patterns and key that one holds within their being. Deep within you is the key that grants you access to the library, the Hall of Akasia, and your book. The first door you need to open, however, is the door which unlocks you.

The Akashic Record (The Book of My Life) contains all of your experiences of the past, present, and future. We would also share with you the following insight. You visit the library often while you sleep. We’ll say that again.

You visit the library often while you sleep.

In the Hallway of Higher Learning, we discussed Out-of-Body Experiences (OBEs). Well, the University of Spirituality Library is one of the places you’ll visit while you sleep. Your spirit is not confined to the boundaries of time or space, and it can accomplish great things while you are asleep or otherwise unaware. In addition to rediscovering and forgiving your past misfortunes, you will also be educated about what your future purpose holds for you. Your future could hold anything in store for you.

We would pause for a moment here and remind you once again that enrollment in the University of Spirituality requires you to attend school for a lengthy period of time. Trips to the University of Spirituality Library and, more importantly, the Great Hall of Akasia records, is the most important key to unlocking your memory. We would also emphasize that during the interim process of finding your curriculum and purpose, you are required to rescind backwards to straighten out your past misfortunes. A large portion of your time in school, at least initially, will be spent researching your past. Your past must be dealt with accordingly in order to effectively study, learn, and prepare for your future. In other words, when you first enroll in the University of Spirituality, it is wise not be to overly excited anticipating what your future purpose holds for you. You may periodically receive glimpses of your future, puzzle pieces if you will, but you will spend a great deal of time bathing and cleansing your being of past misfortunes. Visit after visit, little by little, night after night, you will experience face-to-face episodes of yourself. Past experience will slowly unravel itself through your subconscious memory.

What’s really going on here? Reading The Book of My Life means reviewing your past record. Everyone who passes from the physical body goes through what is called a panoramic life review. Given the fact that the transition from the physical arena of life is permanent, there has been no way for us to know about the life review. Over the last few decades, however, the number of near-death experiences have increased dramatically and, as such, the rather phenomenal experience of the panoramic life review has received much more attention. The common scenario is described as a person standing before a panorama of screens upon which the person’s life is flashed in rapid succession. The experience occurs with lightning speed with the negative aspects of his or her life highlighted. The feeling of standing on trial and being judged is also a common theme. The experience is said to be overwhelming and stirs extremely deep feelings of guilt, remorse, sadness, and a commitment to change one’s life for the better.

The panoramic life review may very well be what awaits us when we pass from the physical body. We, of course, will never know for sure about the experience until actually confronted with it, but consider this: by choosing to enroll in the University of Spirituality and diligently pursuing a path of spiritual maturity, you can experience the life review long before passing from the physical arena of life. Because you are voluntarily seeking to learn and understand why you pass from the physical existence in the first place, you can minimize the severity of the life review when your time comes and possibly not have to go through it at all. Consciousness has the ability to heal itself. When you make a conscious effort to understand the greatest mystery of physical life, a shift occurs, and healing and wholeness eventually result. In short, you do not have to wait.

The life review is all about ‘being reminded’ of things in your past for which you must atone. In short, the process is about remembering, and visits to the library create a whole new set of opportunities through which to remember and relearn. In all likelihood, you will not experience the life review at the rapid speed nor in the panoramic style of those making the transition from the physical body or the Near Death Experience. There is no need. Reviewing your ‘record’ entails reviewing or assimilating it in subconscious mode, and this process must occur slowly. You are only permitted to read a page or two in one chapter of your life, thereby minimizing exposure to a past event for which you must atone. God implanted within us a safety mechanism, otherwise known as the soul. The safety mechanism stores within the subconscious experiential memory in the form of energy, and based on the characteristics of that energy, releases it slowly to the surface to your conscious awareness. We all know that past events can implant painful, even traumatic memories. Memories must rise gently to the surface of our consciousness for our own protection.

Everything you receive through the University of Spirituality Library, whether it is past memory or future purpose, comes by way of telepathic communication or Direct Impression on your Consciousness. What you receive about your past will be, for all intents and purposes, temporary. While reconciling with your past misfortunes is important, your future purpose is of greater concern because it covers the long term. Receiving information telepathically through the light rays of the Universal Broadcasting System is a component, not unlike any other, in the quest for spiritual development, in that it is a process of communication to which one must become acclimatized. Telepathic communication requires practice, attunement, adjustment, and learning to sift and sort through the layers of available information, not to mention weeding through all of the distortion. You will have to learn how to discern between what is pertinent and usable information and what is not usable.

It is safe to assume that you will receive ‘general concepts’ rather than each specific word spelling out your purpose and its numerous components. Receiving everything word for word makes things a bit too easy. In other words, the Holy Spirit is not going to spoon feed you every single thing. The reason that you receive general concepts and ideas is because they provide you the opportunity to utilize your individual creativeness. The University of Spirituality Library is what we might refer to as the big bank of spirit and you one of its little branches, though you certainly have the capability to enlarge the spiritual capacity of the branch that you are. Think of this branch as an addition or arm of your new home. During the renovation process, make plans to include your own personal library.

What you receive and how it is interpreted, again, is a process that takes attunement, patience, and the ability to decipher and translate. Your skill in listening, assimilating, and re-creating will improve with time and practice. You may receive information in symbolic form or visual imagery which may require an even lengthier process of deciphering and placing the various pieces of the puzzle together. You may receive information or words in a language different than your own. Your purpose may entail service work in another country as an interpreter. You never know what is in store for you. If this happens, you will normally ‘know’ what the unfamiliar word means upon hearing it. The word and its meaning will most likely come simultaneously. At any rate, in case you have any doubts about the method of telepathic communication, keep in mind the following words of encouragement:

Do not think that you do not have the ability to engage in the process of receiving inspiration telepathically. Telepathic communication is your God-given ability and is already inherent within you. The process merely requires an open heart and mind, plus practice. You may be an author, artist, or musician, or you may possess any number of hidden characteristics and talents. Thinking that you do not have what it takes to receive inspiration from the University of Spirituality Library is closing yourself off to your greater potential.

The University of Spirituality Library is one of infinite potential. You have the ability to tap directly into its infinite source of information and ideas. Remember that you are in school and one of the reasons you’ll access the resources of higher banks of knowledge is to work on your term paper. That term paper is your intended purpose and, for the most part, your focus and inner work will revolve around its fulfillment. Your purpose is multi-fold, and there are many projects and ideas waiting for you. The term paper you will complete will be lengthy and self-graded because it is based on your past, present, and future. In other words, no one other than you is the facilitator, evaluator, grader, judge and, lest we not forget, forgiver of your own experiences. Remember that God is your teacher, and He is teaching you to teach yourself. If the teacher is happy, and He always is, so will you be. God can never give you a letter grade either, but rather awards you with continuous and ever-expanding joy, not to mention more work! The higher you progress in school, the more joy you experience.