The Broadcasting Station

The University of Spirituality has its own broadcasting station. The station does not register on the 3D radio dial, yet its frequency is of the highest magnitude. The frequency is subtle, softly intense, and barely noticeable unless you become attuned to it. The station, appropriately named WGOD FM, stands for Will of GOD Frequency of Mind. We might also think of the word GOD as the Greater Ocean of Divinity. The station continually broadcasts love, light, and beautiful music to all the people, animals, and life of the earth.

WGOD FM is not a radio station in the traditional sense, but a whole listening system of musical energy to which you become acclimated. In other words, you cannot audibly hear the sounds being broadcast from WGOD FM with the corporeal ear. Rather, the sounds are endless vibrational tones and impulses that you tune into with your whole being. You tune into the God broadcasting station when you commune in deep silence. You can feel broadcast vibrations intuitively when all is quiet within you. Your heart (the home of the soul) acts as the tuning fork for you to connect with WGOD FM. We might envision the broadcasting station as infinite sparkles of light energy raining down upon the Earth. The light energy attracts the fire of the soul. When the light energy is received into the soul fire, sparks fly and cosmic awakening commences.

Each individual must tune directly into this station from within. You will hear celestial music and other harmonic tones to stimulate inner vision and inspire creativity. You can listen to WGOD FM in your home, but you won’t need a fancy stereo system. You can listen to WGOD FM while driving in your car, but you won’t need a car radio. The beauty of WGOD FM is that you can tune to this station wherever you are no matter what you are doing. You don’t need a Walkman, cell phone, iPod, or any of latest gadgets for reaching out to touch someone. To access WGOD FM, you most definitely have to reach in and touch your soul.

Our minds work very much like radio receivers. Numerous thoughts, ideas, and visions run through our minds at any given moment. We may wonder from where these streams of energy originate. Are there invisible “radio” stations broadcasting to us? There are, and we can tune into any station, but it is not always easy to remain focused on the harmonies we desire to connect. For example, try playing with the tuning knob on your radio. After tuning into a station and receiving clear reception, move the knob one notch to either side of the numbered frequency. In some cases, depending on the strength of the transmitting signal, you will still hear what is being broadcast, but the reception is not as clear as when you had it tuned to the right frequency. Our mind, or more appropriately, our auric energy field, acts as a receiver, which is also subject to distortion. Here’s why.

An invisible matrix of signals permeates the airwaves of the Earth’s atmosphere. Signals from radios, televisions, cell phones, and computers are dispersed globally through transmission towers, satellites, and a zillion miles of wire. The signals originate through conventional hardware, and although a technological wonder to make life so much easier, we classify these signals as distortion because they interfere with our ability to tap into the higher, universal frequencies of WGOD FM. We cannot audibly pick up on these signals (nor would we want to); however, we are exposed to the myriad of radio frequencies that saturate the airwaves.

A huge amount of static is also generated by mass mind. Think of it as one great mass party line. We have the innate ability to fine tune our inner frequency and dispense with all of the undesired static by Reaching Inward and readjusting our dial. Tuning into the God station, we receive the Truth and the most inspirational inspiration. We also gradually erase the blind spots.

How do we know if we are tuned into the invisible airwaves? Well, distortion or not, the buzzing sound that you hear internally is a residual affect that you are tuned into the invisible airwaves. We experience the buzz in a variety of ways, such as a gentle wisp of air, a slight hum or a delicate flicker, all of which we barely notice unless all else is quiet. We can be fooled as to the origins of this buzzing. Sometimes we believe it is coming from the inner canals of the ear because the buzz makes us think it is an audible sound. Overall, the buzz is something that we feel and intuit internally with our senses rather than something we hear externally.

The Master Disk Jockeys go about their work in what we might call the “Hallways of Heaven’s Offices.” The Masters are certainly not the source of the signals, but rather boost the vibrational frequencies of the much higher God Source through them. You might say they act as relay transmitters, passing the vibrations onto us. Many Master Disk Jockeys work at the God radio station. Each Master has his or her own individual frequency and can easily broadcast or boost their signal. All life forms are aspects of the Frequency of God. The Frequency of God is disseminated into an infinite matrix of frequency bands and disbursed through infinite streams of energy, all unique to those swimming in its flow. You are swimming in its flow.

Concerning the flow of spiritual progression, each master has a disciple and each disciple has a disciple. Understood more clearly, each individual has his or her own individual frequency and is responsible for bringing one other person along for the greater ride through the cosmos. Responsibility boils down to basically one thing – each individual has an inherent duty to ensure the transference of energy to the other person to assist that person with his or her growth as a sentient being. This process occurs automatically through the miracle of the universal system, namely the principle of energy attraction. We might equate this with Noah’s ark. All the animals were gathered two by two. This is God’s way of ensuring unity and cooperation. We all help each other through energy transference or Light and Love, at the deep level of the soul.

The broadcasting frequencies of “Will of God Frequency of Mind” arise from the heart of the universal matrix of energy. The purpose of this grand design is to awaken and motivate human hearts everywhere through music, vision, and inspiration. Infinite choirs of angels sing peaceful, harmonious melodies that permeate the atmosphere. As more individuals open their receiving channels, the captivating angelic sounds will be more easily heard and consciously assimilated. At present, angelic harmonies are distorted because of the darkness upon the earth and the inability of individuals to tune in and listen.

On the other hand, a variety of earthly music is available that mirrors the cosmic harmonies and angelic sounds. The new age celestial and space music is much more subtle than hard rock. It induces a state of calm and stirs the inner melodies of the soul. Though soothing and inspirational, Earthly music is but a reflection of the Music of the Heavens. In other words, musicians may not be able to produce the pure music of the spheres, but they can connect with the vibrational frequencies of the spheres and reproduce those melodies in their own unique style. This is an example of profound inspiration on a soul level.

Utilizing this untapped broadcasting system, you may one day be able to communicate with whomever you wish no matter where they are. If you want to call a friend in Australia, you simply make that connection with your mind. However, to expedite the process, you must make that call home to God first and tune in to WGOD FM. Establishing a strong connection with God amplifies your innate ability to connect with others. In the beginning, communicating with your friend may be distorted by lower band frequencies that pervade both the outer and inner atmosphere. Consequently, you might not be certain it is your friend with whom you are communicating. What’s the solution? Call GT&T (God Telepathy and Telecommunications) to repair your inner phone lines and then your signal will be clear as a bell.

WGOD FM has unlimited frequencies. WGOD FM is really the heart of the communicative process in the universal scheme of things. Both the tangible and intangible components of the universe are infinite matrixes of frequency and vibrational tones, and they comprise the orchestra of God. Each unit of life is a musical note that combines with all the other notes to create an infinite song that reverberates harmoniously throughout the universe. Each unit of life has its own distinctive tone. No two tones are alike. Each individual’s ray of light connecting them with God is a unique frequency. Imagine that! A frequency – or  stream of light – all your own!

In Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the reception committee communicates to the mother ship using a series of vowel tones. In what is now one of the most memorable scenes in the film, the vowel tones are played on an organ, and the mother ship responds by mimicking the same tones. Soon, the tempo picks up and the two sets of sounds become an integrated melody. This is ultimately the way we communicate with God, but the music plays within our being in silent harmony. We are, in a sense, musical instruments, each playing a part in the infinite orchestra of Universal Music. The process of learning to play is to simply allow the universal breath to flow though you, thereby creating heavenly music. Like anything else, it takes some getting used to, but with practice, the more inner harmony you will hear and feel resonating throughout the instrument of your being. It is grand musical experience!

We emphasize that there are many stations broadcasting in inner space around the earth. When you push the seek button on your home or car stereo, you are looking for a certain kind of vibrational tone to provide harmony to your inner ear. We oftentimes go through a number of stations before we find something we like. Just as there are certain kinds of terrestrial music we like and dislike, the same is true for WGOD FM. With time and patience, you will find your particular frequency. Seek and you shall find is the key. After a time, you may no longer desire to tune into a conventional musical broadcast. All the harmony you require to satisfy your inner needs of love will simply come to you, free of charge and free of static. Your reception will be clear as a bell. You may be in your own world, so to speak, but this is what creating your own mini world of spirituality is all about. What we mean is that you will attune to those vibrational harmonies of the Kingdom of Heaven with which you resonate. Your friends may wonder why you are smiling so much and why you radiate such joy. Just tell them you are attuned to WGOD FM. Though you may not be able to hear the music with your ears, the harmonies will be distinctly audible within your mind.

Today’s communication technologies are truly amazing. Computers, cell phones, radios, televisions, and satellites enable communications to span the globe in seconds. We are, however, neglecting the most important form of communication we have: the unlimited potential of collective human consciousness, the invisible current that increases its flow and intensity by focusing our awareness on it. We will leave you to mull over the following words. Allow your mind to escape the holding pattern that continually encircles familiar ground. Set your sights on higher ground. Explore, discover, and plant seeds within the new soil of light.