Subjects Covered


Learning about God is paramount in understanding yourself and the nature of your spirituality. God is the principle of life existence, but to truly understand this principle requires expanding your perceptual awareness of who you are from an individual perspective and not be concerned with the bigger picture. Spirituality without God is like a flower without sunlight, a fish out of water, or a bird that cannot fly.


Spirituality has its roots in spirit or that which is spiritual. Spirit falls under the premise that all things and all life are governed and derived from a universal life force. This universal life force is intelligent, invisible, and intangible, yet it serves as the core source from which all living things exist. Another way of looking at this universal life force is that of the vital energy behind, of, and through which life expresses itself. Spirituality is the essence of who you are.

The Soul

Allowing your spirituality to surface constitutes getting to know the governing power of your soul. Your soul exists in a mode void of space, time, and distance, and is the center of your own individual universe. The soul is multidimensional; its purpose is to slowly acclimate you, to awaken you to the reality that through expanded conscious awareness you are much more than you think you are.

The Human Energy System

The human body is a creation that surpasses much more than our current understanding. The body is a living temple of God incorporated with numerous meridians through which the vital energy of life flows. There are seven chakras or energy centers located in your body that act as windows to allow your body to breathe spiritually. Becoming more closely attuned to one’s energy provides balance, nurtures the healing process, and helps you better understand the vast array of impulses, thoughts, feelings, and emotions you experience every moment.

Prayer & Meditation

The Philosophy of the University of Spirituality is not geared so much toward teaching the basic precepts of prayer and meditation. Since prayer and meditational techniques are so wide, varied, and sacred to each individual, we prefer to leave this area to one of personal preference and perhaps incorporate a new sense of awareness with existing practices. Our teaching suggests a shift in one’s attention when engaged in these activities. For example, when praying, to whom and what are you directing your thoughts? When meditating, to whom are you listening, and what are you listening for? Are you praying to a force or entity that you perceive as separate and distinct from your conscious awareness? Are you asking for guidance to understand, realize and expand the force of love already within you? Is your frame of mind one of “help me” or “help me to help myself?”

Past Lives

You have lived many times in the past. In order to understand who you are in the present, it is necessary to discover, accept and, in many cases, forgive and forget who you have been in the past. Some past-life experiences contain stumbling blocks that inhibit one’s ability to progress in self-development.


The continuity of life is becoming more commonly accepted these days, but is it enough to know that we survive upon the loss of the physical body? Realizing that one’s identity continues is a wonderful discovery of reassurance, but it is only the first step in the process of spiritual awakening. Growing spiritually, you’ll learn that humans have been shuffling in and out of physical existence for eons in a seemingly endless cycle. In other words, experiencing the cycle of life is like riding a Ferris wheel from which we never disembark. Our goal is to help you disembark the Ferris wheel at the top.


Karma is perhaps the most complex issue to understand, not only in regards to spirituality, but life experience itself. Karma is the energy of life action. Karma, in its proper perspective, constitutes the law of cause and effect, meaning the energy that you give out, whether that energy is in the form of thought, word, or action, eventually returns to you. Karma, in its negative context, violates the universal law of love and stands in direct opposition to evolutionary progress. If the law of love is violated, suffering results. Because of its universal application, no one transcends the law of karma. Regardless of what you think, there is no escape from karma because it is an integral component of the human energy system.

Out of Body Experiences

Out-of-Body Experiences (OBEs) are one of the key components of expanded spiritual awareness and are becoming a more common occurrence for many people. Relatively few people have these experiences out of the blue while engaged in their daily routine, since the majority occur during that fantastic and oftentimes chaotic world we know as sleep. OBEs serve as an intangible training ground for uniting subconscious and conscious awareness while simultaneously adapting to inter-dimensional realities through a vast array of unpredictable scenarios. OBEs are an invaluable learning aide for increased experiential knowledge about the capabilities of your soul and your greater potential as an individual. We’ll shed light on why OBEs occur and the nonphysical realms thorough which you travel and visit when having these strange, mystical, and hair-raising experiences. The nonphysical realms are much closer than you think. OBEs help you realize that you are much more ‘mobile’ than you could ever imagine.


Everyone, whether consciously aware of it or not, is in need of healing. Whether physically, mentally, or emotionally, our individual spirit yearns to reunite us fully with the power of our soul and make us whole. The power is that of a love so unspeakably grand it simply must be experienced to comprehend. Awakening to spirituality rekindles the process of remembrance and thereby stimulates the healing process. The healing process is slow, steady, and continuous, even if one is not consciously aware of it. Learning about spirituality helps one to understand more fully the intricacies behind the healing process and expedite the exchange of energies conducive to wholeness.


Memory and Healing complement each other to the tune of God and Spirituality. Healing is closely tied with memory, which is why it is necessary to return to instances in present and past lives to make restitution. At the University of Spirituality, we present a discourse on history, but not in the fashion with which you are accustomed. Modern-day educational systems place far too much emphasis on history, so much so that it seems to keep us anchored in the past. There is no need to learn about all the wars, violence, and conquests of humanity, unless we learn from it and don’t repeat the same practices. On the whole, it doesn’t appear that we have learned very well. There is one – and only one – form of history you need to learn about: your own individual history. Everything you need to know about yourself and your past will slowly be revealed to you through memory as you progress spiritually.

Health and Well-Being

Health and well-being entails advocating educational awareness on an array of issues ranging from diet, nutrition, herbal medicines, aroma therapy, naturopathy, massage, reflexology, and a general sense of awareness of how everything we do affects the energy of our body. Health is of primary concern while going about our daily lives. We’ll shed light on why proper diet and nutrition are key accompaniments in the nurturing of the spirit. Vegetarianism is a requirement for spiritual progression, regardless of what you think. Vegetarianism also promotes animal rights and is a positive step toward a sustainable environment.

Building Our New Home Within the House of God

Building Our New Home Within the House of God is the central theme of the University of Spirituality and its related courses. This translates to renovating, renewing, enhancing and rebuilding the essence of your body, mind and spirit from within its existing framework. The construction project occurs through developing a close bond of friendship between you and your spirit. Through analogy, we’ll compare the building of a conventional home with the building of a spiritual home. It is a self-improvement endeavor of unparalleled magnitude because a new and revitalized person lies within you waiting to surface.

The University of Spirituality

The philosophy of the University of Spirituality is learning directly through universal knowledge banks. Students learn to differentiate between direct and indirect knowledge. Direct learning means acquiring knowledge through intuitive awareness and inspirational creativity. In short, direct learning entails acquiring ideas and knowledge through direct attunement with the spirit and soul. Indirect learning means learning about life through any means other than direct, with words and language being the most common examples. Learning directly constitutes experiential wisdom in the true sense of spirituality.

We’ll cover many topics, but these constitute the core of the subject material housed in our library banks. We teach you about these topics through various ways, means and examples, but it is vital to understand that learning the truth about you comes only through personal experience. Note: The subject material here on the site is a prelude to a three-volume course in spirituality and self-mastery authored by Bodan. If you do not find the subject material listed here on the site or it is otherwise lacking in substance, you will most certainly find an in-depth analysis of it in the course.