Prerequisites for Enrollment

There are no prerequisites whatsoever for enrolling in the University of Spirituality. Since the process of learning about your individual spirituality and developing your individual spirit lies within you, and between you and God, you simply have to make the decision to do so by undertaking the inner journey. There are no requirements or prerequisites for entry into this school, and there is certainly no cost. You are going to be working toward your Master’s; however, there is no requirement for you to possess a high-school diploma or bachelor’s degree. In short, the University of Spirituality is universal to all. There are no requirements to be met based on educational standards that have been established by society. God is the teacher, and the only deciding factor for entry is based upon individual free will. All are welcome, regardless of race, color, creed, sex, or ethnic background. God never discriminates, only man does. If you are disabled, you are welcome. If you are poor, you are welcome. If you cannot see, hear, or speak, you are welcome. God teaches us inwardly, and inwardly we are all the same. In other words, God teaches us through the One Spirit which is manifest within all of us. We only perceive ourselves in a dualistic fashion and as separate from one another. You should, however, have the desire and motivation to learn about the invisible force governing the universe and hold the desire to build a new home within you.