Out-of-Body Experiences

The Out-of-Body Experience (OBE) is one of the key components of expanded spiritual awareness and is becoming a more common occurrence for many people. Some individuals have such experiences out of the blue during their daily routine in their normal waking state, but this is extremely rare. For the majority of individuals, the experiences occur during the fantastic and oftentimes chaotic world we know as sleep. OBEs serve as an intangible training ground for uniting subconscious and conscious awareness while simultaneously adapting to interdimensional realities through a vast array of unpredictable scenarios. OBEs are an invaluable learning aide for increased experiential knowledge about the capabilities of your soul and your greater potential as an individual.

Whether you realize it or not, each night when you sleep, you visit the nonphysical realms of life. You have been engaged in this activity all of your life, and you will continue to do so in the future. In fact, you have no say so in the matter because your soul governs the process. The nightly journeys your soul takes you on are continuous and revolve around a central theme. The central theme is to enhance your conscious perception, awareness, and beliefs, and experience the existence of life above and beyond the material arena.

Through films and books, we are bombarded with fantastic stories of strange and mysterious worlds, but since they are largely fiction, we tend to discount their reality. OBEs provide ample opportunity to venture throughout interdimensional realms of existence. Once you begin to personally identify with life elsewhere, your mind opens further and becomes more accepting of such reality. Another bit of magic also happens. Your fear of the unknown begins to fade. In fact, the further you progress on the path of self-discoveries, your nightly experiences will become commonplace, even more profound, and hopefully, you will come to understand them more deeply as a direct result of regular experience. Nightly travels are just another aspect of the great number of surprises ahead for the one who seeks higher truth and spiritually oriented conscious awareness.

The great majority of people have not made the connection between the dream world and the OBE. In other words, credence is certainly given to the wonder and excitement of dreams, but the experience is normally written off as something ‘manufactured,’ occurring only in the mind. The possibility of actually experiencing the scenario remains foreign territory and many tend not to believe in such nonsense. This nonbeliever syndrome, as we might call it, begins at a young age. For example, when a child awakens and tells his or her parents about the strange place and people encountered while sleeping, the parents usually write it off as an imagined fantasy conjured up in the child’s mind. When the parents inform the child that the experience is not real, the child begins a slow process of being conditioned to not believe in magic. Such muggle beliefs are carried through to adult life.

In case you are still puzzled as to why OBEs occur, let’s address the topic in greater depth. There is a handful of reasons why OBEs occur. First, and perhaps most significant, OBEs help to diminish the fear of the unknown. Many people believe in the existence of life elsewhere; however, belief in life elsewhere and an actual encounter with such life is a completely different scenario. If it came down to it, many people would be fearful of actually encountering ‘alien’ life. The media is partially to blame for instilling the negative side of extraterrestrial life, but even if that were not the case, humans have been conditioned for eons to believe that the Earth is the center of life and intelligence in the universe. Such beliefs are certainly changing for the better, but a hardcore fear still resides in many.

If one is to evolve as a human, the fear of extraterrestrial life must be erased, and OBEs serve an important role in this respect. OBEs bring us face to face with people in a strange environment, and while the people we encounter are not necessarily extraterrestrial in the fear-laden sense of the word, it is the encounter with something completely different that is most important. OBEs provide us with opportunities to see how we will react in a strange environment, and this is the first step toward actually being in a strange environment.

Incidentally, fear of extraterrestrial life is not countered through weapons. In fact, weapons of any kind have no role if you expect to make progress in matters of spirituality. Removing all fear is something the spiritual initiate works toward. It matters not what the fear is. There is an expression with which we ought to become familiar:

There is nothing to fear but fear itself.

We would also point out something else along these lines. In regards to the term ‘alien,’ the only thing alien is the extent to which the human being has become alienated from his or her spiritual essence. In other words, we are alienated from our spiritual roots as children of God. When such alienation is realized, the continuity of life is also realized, and both the fear of the unknown and the fear self-preservation becomes negligible.

The second reason OBEs occur is to provide us with the opportunity not only to meet other people, but to learn to function in an environment unlike that which we are acclimated. The realms we visit are intangible in the material sense to which we are accustomed, yet the realms carry aspects of tangibility. The OBE or dream environment is lucid, and the manifestation of thought often happens instantaneously. We often find ourselves zipping from one scenario to the next in rapid succession. For the most part, we still perceive the experience from a tangible, objective standpoint.

Once we get past the initial shock of accepting the dream environment as a tangible yet intangible reality we are visiting, the next step is learning to better function while dressed in a different set of garments. Our ethereal or solar body does not function the way our physical body does, and this can often be downright annoying and stressful. Oftentimes we do not see much of ourselves during an OBE because our perception is preoccupied with fear and unfamiliarity with whatever scenario is in our line of sight.

Along those lines, we are also faced with learning the art of non-verbal communication. You may or may not have access to your physical senses. Even if you do, in all likelihood, it will be limited access because, as our solar body does not function like we want, neither does our speech. Nonverbal and non-sensory communication is the mode used when interfacing with the numerous “spirits” you’ll encounter in nonphysical realms of existence. Besides, in your normal waking state of mind, you’ll be learning to communicate with your higher self or soul, which necessitates assimilating and deciphering light energy directly through mental application through your auric energy field, thought, feelings, and awareness. In turn, leaning to communicate via the nonverbal mode will not be completely foreign territory.

The third reason OBEs occur is to provide us with the opportunity to encounter departed friends, relatives, and loved ones. Not only do we meet and interface with many people while traversing the dream worlds, we know or have known some of them. Have you ever encountered a person or ‘spirit’ with whom you were closely acquainted that has passed through the portal to the other side? Did the encounter stir emotions of forgiveness, love, and a heightened sense of calm? Such an encounter is an important step for the newcomer to spirituality because it opens new doors of understanding concerning what is perhaps the greatest mystery that, as yet, remains unsolved.

The great mystery spoken of here is the continuity of life.

It is the mystery that each person must come to terms with and eventually solve in his or her own way: what happens to us when we lose our physical body and pass from the earthbound plane of existence? Passing through the portal to the other side is the single greatest fear we all have, regardless of whether we chose to admit it. It is a fear that is imbedded deeply within us. An encounter with a departed friend or relative provides confirmation that those we have known on the physical plane of existence are alive, well, and continuing on with life. And since we come to realize that our loved ones are OK, we realize that we, too, will be OK. This is an awakening of grand proportions because the great mystery becomes clearer and our fear of the unknown begins the slow process of melting away.

The forth reason for OBEs is to climb to higher heights, so to speak, which is accomplished through absorbing higher energy frequencies (light) into the physical body for purposes of healing injuries and other vulnerable areas of the body where dark energies have accumulated and clotted. Healing of the physical body occurs directly through the power of the soul anyway, but OBEs tend to expedite the healing process. In other words, if we were to remove the OBE as an integral component of the spiritual development equation, we would still receive healing, but the process is extremely slow. Higher frequency energies are disbursed through the body by the soul. The soul is a thumbnail-sized flame within the heart whose iridescent sparks of light slowly permeate every fiber of the human auric energy field. As wonderful as this gift is for us, a problem exists in that the physical body is dense, heavy, and doesn’t easily acclimate to higher energies. During an OBE, the solar body separates from the physical body and traverses the nonphysical realms of existence. Although the solar body is by no means purified, it consists of a more refined substance than the physical body. It is therefore lighter and can more easily absorb higher frequency energies. Healing energies are still, as always, disbursed by the fire of the soul flame through the auric energy field, but since the physical body is detached, healing energies can spread more rapidly because of the finer, more conducive substance of the solar body. When the solar body returns after its nightly excursions and reenters the physical body, healing energies are transferred not only more rapidly, but in greater amounts. Think of the healing process, at least in the respect of OBEs, as two dry sponges. The physical body is one sponge, and the solar body is another sponge. After slipping out of the physical body, the solar body traverses the nonphysical realms. We might also think of this as an analogy of swimming more deeply in the spiritual waters of higher dimensions. Hey, ‘spirit is the water of the universe,’ and spiritual waters become more and more pure and cleansing the higher the vibratory frequency. The solar body ascends higher and higher with each successive OBE. As a result, the purer the energies the solar body absorbs and brings back into your physical body. The solar body, or in this case, the solar sponge, becomes literally saturated with these higher energies, or should we say, a higher frequency of love. When the solar body slips back inside the physical body, the two sponges mesh. The solar sponge transfers its spiritual water to the physical body, thereby helping to nurture each and every dry spot with a drop of love.

The soul is the guiding light in all matters of life in existence, and this is especially apparent in OBEs. The soul takes us on nightly journeys to expose us to greater things. Our soul encourages us to believe in our potential and consider possibilities outside the box. The soul does not want us to continue shuffling in and out of physical existence. It wants us to graduate from the earthly class experience and move on. The only thing holding our soul back is us and our unwillingness to open up and allow our self to experience greater potential. Open-mindedness and a receptivity of the gifts God has for us are the keys.
For some prospective students, we ventured far into unchartered territory. The reality of OBEs is indeed difficult to believe and equally difficult to prove. The only proof required, however, is that which you prove to yourself. OBEs, like spirituality itself, is a quest to satisfy the individual. No one is going to prove anything for you. No one else can because there is no one other than you within the framework of your reality. Proving the reality of OBEs and, for that matter, anything, is an integral component of the spiritual maturity process. Another thing we can suggest concerning the area of self-proof is to discount what the so-called experts say, or what anyone says about the world of sleep, dreaming, and OBEs, because it is all based on speculation, guesswork and inexperience. Strangely enough, please feel free to discount what we have said, as well. In case you are wondering why we said this, it is not that what we have given you is based on speculation, guesswork, and inexperience, because it is not. We have done nothing more than paint a picture for you. Our picture is one of Truth, but it is still a picture. Besides, you have to make sense out of your experiences and find the truth that satisfies you. Perhaps the most important thing we can teach you here is this:

The perception you experience is individually yours
The reality you experience is individually yours
The experience you experience is individually yours
It is your individual system of belief and perception.

In all likelihood, you will probably be very skeptical for a while, at least during the initial stages of embarking upon your spiritual trek, but as you continue to progressively experience your nightly excursions, you will come to not only believe but accept and know that what we have said is True. Emphasizing, once again, the most important thing we can teach you here is that your experiences are yours, and drawing your own conclusions through your own experiences helps no one other than you to balance and transform your energies and acclimate your awareness to new heights. This is all that counts.

Robert Monroe is a pioneer in the area of Out-of-Body Experience. He often journeyed out of his body while sleeping and wrote of them in Journeys out of the Body, along with a few other books. He also created The Monroe Institute, a school that teaches various techniques to help students stimulate within themselves the optimal conditions for OBEs. Mr. Monroe’s story is quite extraordinary. He is a rare exception of an individual who was allowed to clearly remember his nightly experiences and through many years of practice, developed the ability to function effectively while traveling in his ethereal body.

Many OBEs closely model the environment in which we regularly function while going about our daily business. We know all too well that life experience has its ups and downs, and the dream world is no exception. We might find ourselves wandering through an illumined forest interacting with magic folk one night, and the following night being hunted by something in the same forest. We might find ourselves flying over the ocean one night and struggling for our life in the same ocean the next. The dream worlds give us the opportunity to scale the heights of potential freedom or sink to the demon-filled dungeons laced with nightmares.

Let’s move onto the good stuff and why we are here. OBEs are one of the primary methods used for students to receive the higher teachings of God. This particular method of teaching has occurred for thousands of years, but has been known only to those who have been chosen and have actually participated in the experience. Students are escorted by angelic messenger to the inner halls of the University of Spirituality during their sleep while in their solar body. Here, students engage in higher learning that becomes implanted in the subconscious.

The method of teaching students while they are dressed in their solar body is a foolproof system of checks and balances that is truly amazing. Such a method ensures that only those who are pure of heart and ready to pursue the higher mystery schools are granted access. As an added precautionary measure, the student is permitted to remember only teachings that are relevant for a particular moment while in conscious awareness. In other words, the student might not remember attending school while sleeping at all. And, even if the student does recollect some minute portion of being in a strange place of learning after awakening, for the most part, he or she is not going to remember what lessons were taught. This remembrance usually surfaces later at a time when it is needed, and even then, the student might not ever even make the connection that such information was learned while attending night school. It’s all quite bizarre to most people, which is why there are a limited number of students. We aim to increase enrollment.

On another enlightening note, you may also visit the University of Spirituality Library where you’ll read the book of your life. You will discover things in your past that need tending to and possibly things in your future that you need to prepare for. Whatever discoveries you make, a visit to the Library is much more than a reading experience but a total connection with your life. The Library is also referred to as The Great Hall of Akasia, where the Akashic records are kept. Every single soul in existence has a book on file. The Great Hall of Akasia must be very large to house such volume of books, but considering it exists beyond the boundaries of the third dimension, space is not an issue. You can visit the library at any time. It is always open.

The ability to function in a cognizant fashion while out of the body comes more easily for some than others. Some can learn to function effectively through a limited number of experiences, while for others it takes many years to receive greater meaning from their experiences. The trick is really according to your individual gifts. The ability to function coherently while engaged in OBEs is troublesome for most because it is an unnatural environment. You are not a permanent resident of the nonphysical realms – you are just a visitor. You are a permanent resident of the physical realm. The physical environment is where your perception, sense awareness, and overall reality is anchored. You have what is called a “silver cord” attached to your soul and one of your bodies. Whatever body your soul incarnates into along with the respective realm in which it inhabits is where your perceptual awareness is anchored. For those residing in physical embodiments, the physical environment is natural because the silver cord is attached to the physical body. For those who have departed the physical realm, this is the natural environment because the silver cord has detached itself from the physical body and become attached to the ethereal body.

OBEs are an invaluable experience and a preparatory measure for expanded conscious awareness. If you sincerely desire to learn about the great mysteries of life, a great mystery shall you seek to solve. The mystery is solved only through a devout commitment to knowing God more fully, combined with great patience in allowing the learning process to take place. Everything occurs through an inward search and not an external one. Out-of-Body Experiences are a fantastic way of learning to interact and communicate above and beyond the conventional means we are used to. OBEs bring you face to face with a great variety of people, places, and scenarios through which to learn to function. OBEs also bring you to face to face with yourself. We’ll leave you with the following.

As the Sun slips below the horizon, new horizons open for you. When you go to sleep at night, you travel to distant places that seem far yet close to home, lucid yet undeniably real, foreign yet somehow familiar. Nightly journeys give profound meaning to the world of dreaming. Out-of body experiences are an integral component of enhancing your heightened sense of interdimensional awareness. The better you learn to effectively function in nonphysical environments, the closer you come to plowing through the grand illusion and creating your own reality.

Reality is all created from the mind.
It is all a process of overcoming fear.