Learning about your Individual Spirituality?

Learning about Individual Spirituality is fairly simple, though it may not be perceived in such a fashion. The primary vehicle through which you learn about your Individual Spirituality is you. You learn directly through the vibratory light or energy of God. This learning comes by way of expanded intuition, heightened awareness, and increased knowledge. Believe it or not, the entire process entails one of remembering who you really are, what your purpose for being is, and what your greater potential for the future will be. God is the most formidable teacher and is available to you anytime, anywhere, regardless of what you are doing. God’s great blanket of Love slowly pervades your being; you will come to know yourself as the spiritual being you are. We spoke of having proof in an earlier question. Learning directly from God provides the only real, true proof, and your developing spirituality will be confirmed daily.

Though learning directly from God is, without a doubt, the primary method and motivating factor of education in developing your Individual Spirituality, the secondary method is through formal, conventional education, which is where our course comes into play. We have just enlightened you on the primary method of learning; now allow us to make the distinction between the primary and secondary methods of learning. The secondary method entails reading and studying through what is better referred to as the written word. Our course is designed to stimulate your thinking process and provide you with knowledge upon which the intellect can ponder. Our course is designed only to open the door to your intuition, awareness, and knowledge. While we open the door, the light of God – the divine – is the motivating force that actually moves through the door, so to speak. The door that we speak of here is your perception, senses, awareness. It is the mechanism within you that allows you to perceive and understand reality. It is also wise to have an open door policy, allowing you to develop an open-minded and receptive attitude for learning. Our course, the secondary method of learning is designed to direct you to the primary method, which is between God and yourself. They are in truth one in the same, but that’s another story and something of vital importance you will learn along the way.

We offered the following insight in the latter part of the NewComer Orientation: Reading is one thing, experience is yet another. Practicing various methods of communion and spiritually related exercises is how you gain actual experience of self-development. In short, Individual Spiritual Development demands a lot of homework. Homework consists of inner work. After all, a home cannot be built unless the construction process is regularly carried out. In Building Your New Home Within the House of God, your new home of spirit cannot manifest unless you are monitoring the construction process. The process of “building yourself” entails a rather lengthy journey of Self-Exploration and Self-Reflection. We’ll stress that particular insight again. Reading is one thing, experience is yet another. It is said that true wisdom is the difference between knowledge and experience. Experiencing the spiritual development process and applying your evolving awareness to your life is where genuine wisdom and maturity unfolds.

If we were to compare the education and development process of Individual Spirituality with a mainstream method, the University of Spirituality falls under the method of “Distance Learning.” Distance Learning is an up-and-coming method of education gaining in popularity. The method largely consists of studying lessons on your computer through the web, or perhaps connecting directly to a classroom. In most cases, you never actually meet the instructor in person, but rather interact through email.

The World Wide Web is simply an amazing feat of technology. The web has made the world a much smaller place. We can connect with any part of the world with the touch of a button. We can communicate with other people. We can see pictures of other places. We can learn about other cultures, how they live, and what activities they practice, all nearly instantaneously.

Distance Education is the best way to describe the University of Spirituality. Learning from God might also be perceived as distance learning, however, it is the shortest distance between you and learning about the true nature of your spiritual being. In other words, most of us see ourselves as being a great distance from God when, in fact, we are not. God is not a “long way off.” It is only our perception of Who, What and Where God is that clouds our understanding.

Distance Education involves “learning from home,” and since we are venturing to Build Our New Home Within the House of God, what better place to not only learn, but undertake the building process itself than within our own home? “Home” is indeed a special place. There are so many advantages of learning from home. Home is the self-reflective archetypal portrayal of us. It is that special place that absorbs and shares our energy and all the things that make us… us. Home is where we relax, cook, socialize, keep ourselves clean, and sleep. The home is where it all begins. You will begin to acquire a new appreciation and understanding of what home really means. You are in a sense becoming a homemaker. In developing yourself spiritually, you must begin to see the living room of your home as the classroom, the extension – your extension – of the University of Spirituality. Wherever you make your special place of learning is where God teaches you.

Though we have provided an overview of learning about individual spirituality, this still leaves many unanswered questions to the seeker of individual spirituality. In other words, the seeker may still be asking questions as to how exactly do I go about this. How do I get the ball rolling? How do I focus on myself? I’m not a teacher, so how do I teach myself?

In retrospect, how we learn about our Individual Spirituality entails learning directly from the very source we are questioning. In other words, you learn about your Individual Spirituality from the Spirit of God. What better way could there be? It is difficult for us to explain how the process of learning from God works. We can give you a brief overview, but the real learning comes only through the experience of doing. It is, quite simply, a practice of learning to be you. We would also stress that since the method of learning is something “new,” it will take much getting used to. We are highly conditioned to receive our education and learning through the conventional classroom, so there is an adjustment period to become acclimated to the process. The process entails sitting in the silent classroom of God in your home, waiting, listening and trusting in you. Learning comes slowly, surely and necessitates mastering the exquisite art of patience. We live in a “quick fix” world filled with schedules and time frames. High school is completed over a certain time schedule, as is college. There are no timelines associated with learning from the Light of God. If you are looking for a quick fix in developing yourself spiritually, there is no such thing. The best advice we can provide here is this: if you are pressed to set a timeline for yourself and your spiritual development, establish for yourself your present life as the goal. This is the most practical and realistic. The process of actually developing yourself to where you reach total spiritual fulfillment can be accomplished in one lifetime. The process can be accomplished sooner, but it is wise not to count on or anticipate.

Along those lines, we would also stress that the University of Spirituality is invisible and intangible. This means that the concept of Universal Spirituality itself is what is most important. The method of learning, therefore, should be viewed in the same fashion. Your Individual Spirituality is, at present, invisible and intangible; however, you have the innate ability to bring your spirituality into visible, tangible expression through your physical being and actions by developing yourself.