God 102

Historically, people have looked to sources far and wide, external from themselves for an explanation of God that provides some sort of meaning to life. Religions have traditionally steered people’s attention to a saintly figure, whether actual or metaphorical, as a central focus of worship. Even when God is the central issue, the focus for worship is somewhere out there. Since religion has diverted the attention of the masses to worshiping some sort of fictional entity out there, this has also given rise to the worshiping of materialistic idols. Since God is out there somewhere and cannot be perceived tangibly, the central focus for most was and continues to be concentrated on idols such as a picture or actual model of Jesus hanging on the cross or some other stone sculpture. In more recent times, astrology has risen to speak the language of God and has opened up opportunities for a whole new group of experts to exert their influence on those willing to listen. The discovery of the ascended masters and their communication with earthlings has become so popular they are considered the new age gods of worship. In nearly every thought of today, the focus of worship is still primarily directed toward an external source and, in nearly every case, such practices have been purposely misdirected to benefit, in one way or another, the individual(s), group, religion, or new age movement in what we might call a flavorful blend – and often very creative conspiracy – of deception. In some cases, the conspirators are consciously aware of their deception, while in other cases they are not, earnestly believing that what they are doing is honest and truthful.

Not to get off the subject of trying to find God, but deceptive practices such as these are not limited to religions or other new age groups seeking to exploit God, but in all walks of life. In other words, it is the exploitation of the weak individual by the strong, or should we say the gullible by the cunning, that has been the traditional practice since the advent of humanity. These unethical practices continue today with even more sophistically developed techniques, thereby compounding the problem and making it more difficult to recognize. We might also view this disparity as ‘sheep being led by a shepherd.’ The sales pitch flashed by the modern-day shepherd amounts to little more than a case of the blind leading the blind and in the end, both shall fall into the same ditch. Today, mega-corporations control, either directly or indirectly, whatever chunk of the economy it claims business interest. This means that whether you work directly for the mega-corporation itself or the corporation owns the smaller company you work for, your life is basically dictated to and under the governing control of the way the business operates. In most corporate environments, the attention of the employee is directed toward facilitating the sound operation of the business, ensuring little more than generating mega-profits, with an extremely small chunk of that profit awarded to the employee in the form of a paycheck. When you give away your attention, you give away your energy. Most corporations could care less about individual employee potential, and creativity and advancement are squashed at every level of management.

This kind of tight control produces a negative barrier that reflects unfavorably on the spirit of the individual and results in the employee going about his or her routine in a repetitive, even robotic, fashion, and is the most obvious reason for low self-esteem and morale in the workplace. Corporate CEO’s and upper-level management are therefore gods because they provide life, belonging, and the ever-most essential paycheck to the employees. Most governments operate in similar fashion and are closely linked with the corporation. Most governments, including most infamous politicians, are highly skilled in paying lip service, telling voters just what they want to hear. Whether the average citizen realizes it or not, neither government nor the corporation, at least the higher echelons, could care less about the health and welfare of its citizens. The only real concern is that you continue in a self-devouring fashion of consumption. It doesn’t matter what you consume, even if it’s self-destructive – only that you continue consuming, and the more and better. The realistic picture of today is that the corporation is god and the government is goddess. If government fails to adhere to corporate ideals, which amounts to establishing laws to protect and further the profit-making interest of the corporation, the government pays the price. The government then passes the price to its citizens through higher taxes. The priority in today’s world is the stimulation of the economy. Nothing else matters. Most religions fall into the category of exploiting people as consumers, as well. Even though religions don’t sell a tangible product, they sell their deceptive view of God to those who would consume it and readily open up their pockets. There is a continual orgy between corporations, government, and religions that gives birth to the same recycled children who grow up learning through their recycled parents, with schools being dictated to about what and how much to eat, drink, study, and watch, thereby creating a perfectly conditioned consumer who, in turn, passes these self-destructive and unenlightened habits onto the next generation.

In short, the great majority of people in the world “follow” whatever or whomever they designate as a leader. The ‘leader,’ so to speak, can be anything from beer, cigarettes, miracle pills, new cars, and steak dinner, to that hellfire-and-brimstone speech from the local preacher or a seriously deranged politician blaming some other country for all the world’s problems and generating great hatred in those who follow such deception. Every aspect of this world is extremely notorious for diverting the attention of people away from the one place that can bring individual freedom. Speaking of which, independence and freedom are largely illusions because we have given away our energy to the greater authority of the leader. Independent thinking is also not only discouraged, but illusion, as well, because although we practice independent thinking or we think that we do, it is really only exercised along limited or deceptive lines because we are programmed to think, perceive, and react based on the way the media paints the picture of the world.

Where are we going with this under the heading of God, the source and principal of this school? We wish to stimulate in you a first and very realistic impression of the world in which we live. It doesn’t matter in which country you live because all political systems operate basically the same way. That fact is neither here nor there. It is simply the way it is. We also hope we didn’t generate an unfavorable impression on you, the consumer, because we are all consumers to some extent. We are making you aware of what you consume, how much you consume, and how the digestion process affects you based on how poisonous the goods are, regardless of the tangible or intangible nature of the goods. We want you to evaluate your position in this world. Where do you stand amongst the issues we have just raised?

We have, in a realistic sense, just provided an introductory lesson on that all-too-important issue of human relations. Based on the premise of what we have just shared, this is the way in which people relate to each other. We are talking about the governments and businesses that create the flow of interactive community relations in the world. Let’s bring this down to a more manageable level. If you wish to learn more about God, it is wise to understand the interactive relations between humans because it is something we do every day.

If you earnestly desire to learn about the true nature of God, you must learn about yourself. Trying to understand the true nature of God is an enormously broad topic to explore. Aside from that, even when we think we begin to understand the true nature of God, understanding God from the big picture can only be understood in concept, imagination, and the way in which we project our perception into the big picture. Understanding God from the big picture entails conjecture and biased opinion by those who think they know based on a single, deluded ego. There is the big picture in life, and then there is the little picture. We humans, from an individual perspective, are the little picture, but that does not make us insignificant. We are all twigs of a branch that is one of the zillions of branches making up a tree that is of virtually infinite proportion. Since your individual perception is much closer, realistic, and practical in the trek of learning about God, the individual approach should be the starting point. We will say that the true nature of God, in its basic or raw essence, is ENERGY. The only way to truly understand the nature of God energy is to access it from the perspective of your own individual energy system. Coming to know yourself entails a myriad of learning that begins with a basic understanding of what makes you tick. We would add here that understanding this energy and what makes you tick will happen of its own accord. You merely have to open your mind and allow yourself to ‘experience’ it,

First and foremost is having faith in yourself. Second is having faith in the unseen and unrealized force of light energy or love that permeates all life. Since you may not acknowledge the existence of this force initially because it is invisible and intangible, faith completely in yourself comes first. Along your trek of spiritual development you will first sense, then feel, then experience, this delicate blanket of energy rising, slowly building a heightened pool of awareness within you. Elaborating further, since the blanket of energy is invisible and for intents and purposes, intangible, the energy is presently unrealized because you are unaware of it. Your senses will slowly begin to become keener and more aware of this hidden magic. The energy, from our limited perspective, is extremely silent and subtle, to say the least.

The energy of God is the infinite principle governing all life. Therefore, it is the principle that governs you and your energy field. What you do with it and how you experience it is completely up to you. There are a handful of references to the God-energy principle, one of which is Kundalini, and a growing number of folks are becoming familiar with it from a practicing perspective. There is a world of difference between ‘energy’ at its purest vibration in the frequency of the Holy Spirit and ‘Kundalini’ energy. Kundalini energy is nothing compared to a jolt of energy emanating from the Holy Spirit. In other words, there is simply no comparison. Kundalini energy is highly diffused in vibratory frequencies in relation to those energies of the Holy Spirit or the realm of the utmost high otherwise referred to as The Kingdom of Heaven. In other words, Kundalini is extremely stepped down, but it is so for good reason, which we’ll get into later.

Bringing the University of Spirituality into the picture, did you ever get sent to the principal’s office in school? Most likely, the reason you went there was because you got into trouble. Well, in the University of Spirituality, visits to the principal’s office are common and encouraged. Traditionally speaking, a visit to the principal’s office following a bout with trouble resulted in counseling and possible disciplinary action. Attending the University of Spirituality, God does not want to see you because you got into trouble, but rather to counsel you on forgiving yourself. God cares not about the trouble you’ve had because, as we have learned, God is a blanket of energy of which you are a thread. In other words, God is not a separate entity external from you who slaps your hand every time you break the rules of life. The rules of life are universal rules of exercising goodness and compassion to all of life which applies, most important, to you. When violating these rules, sooner or later, you will experience the sting of the error. The rules we are referring to are the universal laws of cause and effect. Whatever you do constitutes cause, and every cause has its effect. Though it may be difficult at times, always keep in mind that while the law of cause and effect is perfect in justice, it is also perfect in love and forgiveness. Forgiveness is something you work out for yourself through yourself utilizing God’s blanket of love. God also wants you to reestablish communications with Him and come to know Her more fully. He also teaches you that coming to know God more fully really means coming to know yourself more fully. “Know Thyself” is Her motto and should be made your own motto. All this amounts to, quite simply, is teaching yourself. Teaching yourself means looking in the right direction for instruction. That direction is none other than internally through the inspirational educational system of universal energy we mention so prominently throughout the context of this course. Upon first introduction, this concept may seem difficult, at least for some. Faith on things unseen and unrealized is a mystery and will remain a mystery nearly every step of the journey, however, like anything else in life, the more one pursues, practices, and does their homework, the easier and clearer things become. A mystery is some sort of phenomenon that is, for the most part, relatively unknown. There are usually varying degrees of fear associated with most unknowns and, therefore, most mysteries are investigated with caution.

Another key aspect of learning about God is awakening to a little mystery known as the source. There is a source from which all life springs, and we can come to learn about the nature of the ‘God Source’ by looking at the sun. The sun is the source of physical life and serves as excellent subject matter in our basic approach to learning about God. It is highly beneficial to understand how the sun or ‘source’ supports the life of your physical body because it serves as a starting point for learning about our individual spirituality. You see, we have our own individual source from which our individual energy field springs. We’ll tackle more of that as we progress.

We can ‘talk’ all we want about what we think the nature of God is. We can speculate, project, imagine, assert our opinion, and hold fast to our beliefs and values. It is not until you open your mind through the valve of the heart and allow the energy of God to surface that you will truly begin to know what God is all about. Unless you are a rare individual imbedded with a prearranged destiny, most individuals awaken to the God Energy through this means. We might think of it as the awakening of conscious awareness through internal stimulation.

Spirituality is found and built upon from within the individual. The education and development of Spirituality is rooted in the expression of the individual spirit. You learn about yourself through a deep and everlasting connection with yourself. Spirit will have you know yourself through a deep friendship with your soul. This process entails learning acceptance, compassion, and respect for yourself. Spirit will also have you know your fellow brothers and sisters through the mode of acceptance, compassion, and respect for each other just as they are. It is a unified effort of collaboration and cooperation based on mutual understanding. The spirit does not label people in the jar of religion, politics, color, family, or occupation. The spirit is as the joyous, playful, and creative child who sees no illusions and knows no barriers.

Have you ever heard the expression, ‘God will have you know him through people’? This translates to knowing God through your friends, family, coworkers, and with whomever you interact. The point is, if you can’t get along with your fellow man or woman due to some ill-conceived perception of that person, you are going to have problems getting to know God. Such is a barrier in ‘coming to know yourself more fully,’ and we would emphasize that ‘coming to know yourself more fully is the first step’ in the process. It all begins with spirituality.