Expectations for Graduation

It is important to consider that a high-school diploma or college degree is a certificate, a piece of paper stating that an individual has accomplished something. Many people work hard to get that piece of paper to prepare them for a career in their given field of study. This is, without a doubt, a worthwhile accomplishment; however, it is not required as any sort of prerequisite for entry into the University of Spirituality. What you get by learning about your individual spirituality is not a piece of paper, nor is it something you can put a price on. In fact, the development of your spirituality is priceless. What you receive is the light and love of God, which is everlasting, continually expanding and, most important, leads you further along the road to immortality. What does this mean? It means you are not going to have to ever enroll in a conventional institution of learning again.

The recognition that you receive is recognizing yourself as a spiritual being. This recognition will continually build and unfold as you progress with your self-development process. The educational process begins by recognizing that you are a child of God and soon thereafter, you will receive and acknowledge yourself as a full-fledged son or daughter of God, having attained spiritual maturity. This recognition or realization of yourself makes receiving a certificate, degree, or any sort of material thing seem less significant.

You will then be prepared for a job working for the company of God, and there is no better company to work for. Of course, that is a matter of perception currently. There are no layoffs; however, the salary is minimal, if there is one at all. The working conditions may be harsh, yet enjoyable. Your boss will be tough on you, but it is in the best interest of humanity.

The University of Spirituality is not so much about enrolling in a school and completing a long list of credentials. In fact, it is wise to put ‘completion or graduation’ on the back burner for quite a long time. As children of God, we are humble students of spirituality virtually forever. If you are completing anything, it is the completion of a process of transformation from the old version of you to the new version of you. The new version of you is centered in calm composure and joy coupled with a heightened attentiveness as to what you really want in life. In short, you understand things better.

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