Bodan’s Welcome Message

Care to investigate a little deeper into the realm of spirituality? The Golden Hallway leads you to classes in which to learn the essential elements of spirituality at its deepest core. Throughout your pursuit of higher ground, it is wise to keep in mind that gaining in-depth, spiritually oriented knowledge from an intellectual perspective is one thing. Experiencing firsthand the emergence of your spirit through the awesome potential of your soul at its core is another. Transcending the word is the key that unlocks the door to ultimate freedom. Wisdom is the difference between knowledge and experience.

You can discover many things about yourself, and more, but you will never find the truth about yourself in the pages of any text, regardless of what they are, who wrote them, or what significance is placed on them. The truth about who you are and what your potential is can never be found in written words. Written words serve only as guidance. Truth, in its pure essence, is universal, non-verbal, and can only be experienced within the depth of one’s perception and being. Spoken or written words, regardless of their nature, are only aspects of the thought process as self-expressed verbally or on paper.

The truth of the matter is that the truth is found inside you. The truth is inside you now, as you read this. When God created us, he gave us great potential. We have exercised that potential in countless areas of human achievement. That potential, regardless of how seemingly great, has only been made through materialistic accomplishments. Our greatest potential has yet to be discovered. Our greatest potential lies within our spirit, and it is here you will discover the truth, not only about yourself, but about everything. Your spirit carries not only truth, but an unspeakable love, peace, and light that lie untapped within you. Where are all these wonderful qualities inside you? These wonderful qualities are found everywhere inside you. Your spirit is, in essence, an energy field that, when cleansed and purified, is illuminated from the inside out rather than from the outside in. You can and will discover this unimaginable potential with a mere shift in your focus and the undertaking of a long journey.

The University of Spirituality teaches spirituality from a basic perspective, of course. However, the teachings quickly escalate and you can take them as far as you wish. The Golden Hallway is for students who wish to advance their knowledge of some of the more deeper fundamentals of spirituality. God, spiritual wisdom, the emergence of your spirituality, reincarnation and past lives, karma, out of body experiences, genuine versus pseudo-spirituality, a student self-assessment, a house of many mansions, not to mention the potentially confusing plight of enrolling in the University of Spirituality, and what is actually implied by graduating. These are some of my favorite topics to explore, but depending on how open-minded you are one with your thirst to take in and absorb such concepts, they can prove quite foreign, controversial, and stir your energies to the brink of overload.

As you investigate this advanced hallway, and if you decide to undertake the course itself, I leave you with these thoughts upon to ponder. There is only one way to heal the world, and it is through consciousness. Regardless of how you look at it, thought always precedes words and actions. Speech and physical action are always preceded by thought or conscious preparation. Spiritual evolution for both the individual and masses requires a shift in consciousness. Allow your words and actions to be kind. If you begin to think and actively focus on non-aggression, non-violence, and compassion, these calm qualities will eventually surface as reality, but it is not as easy as such. Though we may not realize it, our thoughts and conscious awareness are partially influenced and manipulated by invisible forces that are, for the most part, beyond our immediate control. These forces are very strong and influential in a negative context, but they are not all-powerful. There is a force of love within the heart that, when aligned with the Holy Spirit of God, can surmount any obstacle. This force of Love, this force of God, this force of Spirituality, must be accepted and focused upon consistently. You must become aware that it is there and working in and through you. When building your fortress of light, you automatically have a positive effect on the world situation. Every ounce of darkness you transform with your heart sheds a bit more light, not only within yourself, but upon the world. Consciousness can heal itself, and you are a vehicle for the transformation of consciousness. Remember this in the darkest of times.