Balancing Our Karma

The working out or balancing of our misused karmic energy is a very important and extremely sensitive process. We wish to make it clear to the initiate that your energy must be balanced and purified before you will be able to master yourself and move forward into the higher realms of learning and experience. This has little to do with how good you are or think you have been. In other words, it has little to do with how you perceive yourself as you are now. We would also like to note that this is nothing personal. The energy governing all life falls under the universal law of the Holy Spirit. This is the law of love, and it is totally and completely impersonal. In fact, as you launch the process of inner cleansing and your misused energy begins to surface, you will find your opinions and preconceived ideas to be of no avail. As you become fully immersed and experience firsthand the process of transformation, you will discover that it is very different from what you thought or imagined it would be like. To provide a clearer picture and better understanding of what we are setting out to do, let us recap what we have learned about ourselves and, most important, our auric energy field.
God created us with a clean and pure auric energy field. Though we did not create our aura, we are responsible for maintaining the energy within it. The energy comprising our auric field is what gives us life and identity. Our auras act as a vehicle to anchor the energy of spirit within us and to transmit that energy to uplift the life with which we come in contact. The situation is similar to our parents lending us the car with the assumption that we will be responsible enough to exercise caution in going where we need to go and getting the car home safely. Virtually all of us have had more than a few fender benders for not always adhering to the rules of the road while navigating our life in the physical realm. The rules of this road are those of love, compassion, and respect for other vehicles on the road and, what is most important, our own vehicle.

The reason we have had our share of fender benders is because, in a metaphorical sense, our windshields have become dirty from misused energy making it more difficult for us to see what lies ahead. Through many lifetimes of misusing energy as we are engaged in a great variety of experiences, we have transformed our once pure aura into a clouded veil. Our auric veils can be measured by shade and density. The shade and density of our auric veils are directly proportional to the amount and type of energy we have misused.

Our auric veil resembles a murky glass that is difficult to see through. It creates a huge barrier for us to overcome and impedes not only our spiritual progression, but our evolution as a species. It is not only difficult to see through this veil, but it weakens our connection to the Holy Spirit and makes it equally difficult for us to identify with the divine spiritual beings that we really are. You can rest assured that there is a great spirit abounding within each of us. This great spirit is the master within you, and this master yearns to come out and express itself. You only have to rid yourself of this veil around you and allow the master within you to surface! You have unlimited potential; however, you must clean your house before you can truly see who you are and the boundless opportunities that lie ahead. The cleaning process is deep and intensive, taking much time and patience, but the master within can be realized by those who are willing to make the flight.

Understanding the Cause of Karma

Human beings balance a portion of their karma while going through life experience what we’ll define as normal circumstances. When we say normal circumstances, we mean the accidents, illnesses, mishaps, and adversities we experience routinely without our having a conscious awareness and understanding of why they happen. Aside from adhering to a healthy lifestyle and exercising responsibility when behind the wheel of your automobile, we cannot really offer much advice here because accidents and illnesses will happen because of karmic obligations. There are, however, other ways which you can help to balance your karma through conscious effort and participation. You can help minimize the effects of karma by turning your thoughts to God and practicing spiritually related exercises. These exercises consist of silent prayer and meditation, and by reciting decrees and AUMs, utilizing the power of your voice. You can also assist to minimize karmic effects by performing service work on a strictly volunteer fashion.

We stress that these are ways through which you can help minimize the effects of karma.

Contrary to what you might think or have read, there is no instant cure for the transformation of karma. The masters do not carry a magic wand that upon touching you will erase instantly and completely the effects of what you have put into motion. To do so would necessitate your transcending the law of cause and effect. The bottom line is that the transformation of karma is a slow process that requires sincere devotion, time and patience by the earnest seeker.

We’ll get into practicing spiritually related exercises in an effort to help you minimize the effects of karma later, but first there are some vital details we wish to bring to your attention. Before you begin to balance your karma, it is important for you to fully understand and correct the cause.

Let’s quickly review what we have learned about karma. Karma is the energy of life action, and that energy is governed by the universal law of cause and effect. This universal law keeps all of life in line with the vibration of love. Karma exists only in the mind which perceives duality, and duality is within one who perceives anything other than the Oneness of love. This is the meaning of karma which we understand now, but we must correct our actions of the past when we perceived ourselves as separate from the creator. Let’s examine the three steps of understanding the cause of karma to better facilitate and accelerate the process of its transformation.

Step One: Understand and accept that the cause of karma originates from within you. All adverse effects of karma you experience are the result of causes you have previously set in motion in your current life or in a past life utilizing inappropriate speech and action. Karma is the result of directing our energies in a manner other than love and kindness, and such actions result in your energy becoming misused. Misused energy accumulates in many layers that remain buried deep within your auric field and subconscious mind until those energies are brought to the surface and released.

Step Two: Begin directing your energies in an appropriate manner by utilizing proper speech and action so as to not generate additional karma. In other words, establish a solid foundation in love here and now so that love will return to you in the future. This entails the responsible use of free will and right use (righteous) of action, intention, and motive.

Step Three: Commune with God. Communing with God accelerates the process of steps one and two. By communing with God, you invite the loving energies of the Holy Spirit into your being. The Love of the Holy Spirit resonates forgiveness in and through you and helps not only to flush to the surface misused energy (causes) buried deep within you, but cushions the release of that energy (effects) you have already put into motion, thereby minimizes the effects. Communing with God builds within you strength to endure those effects and establishes within you a solid foundation anchored in love. Communing with God builds within you confidence, wisdom, self-responsibility, and disciplined character to practice proper speech and action.