An Introduction to Spirituality

Spirituality has been defined in numerous ways. These include the belief in a power operating in the universe that is greater than oneself, a sense of interconnectedness with this power and with all living things, an awareness of the purpose and meaning of life beyond conventional terms, and the development of aspirations and personal values. Spirituality is commonly thought of as one’s personal pursuit of the divine and is not bound to any particular religious tradition.  Many seekers value the existence of different “spiritual paths,” emphasizing the importance of finding one’s own individual path to spirituality and a greater understanding of God and the absolute.

Spirituality has its roots in spirit. All things or all life is governed and derived from a universal life force. This universal life force is invisible and intangible, yet it serves as the basic or raw substance from which all living things exist. Another way of looking at this universal life force is that it is the vital energy behind and through which life expresses itself. We are talking about an infinite body of energy that permeates all substance and provides stimulation to the atom at the basic form of structure. This life force is intelligent. It is often referred to as universal consciousness or the all-encompassing universal spirit. The spirit is the intangible essence of our being and form. Have you ever stopped to think about what really motivates your life? Is it your brain, or is there some other force at work which acts through the brain as some sort of central mediator for thought? Your spirit stands behind who and what you see when you look into the mirror.

When envisioning what our spirit looks like, we can picture a hologram of ourselves. A hologram is basically a projection of a tangible object that produces the effect of an apparition. The holographic effect is produced using laser light and can only be seen when the laser lights are activated. The spirit is our individual hologram. The spirit does not require lasers to be activated, but rather is continuously animated by its own source of light or pure energy. The source of the spirit’s energy is the soul, which is located within the heart. While the spirit is continuously animated by the energy or light of the soul, we each have the ability to further stimulate and enhance our individual spirit through a deeper bond of kinship with our soul. A deeper bond with our soul begins through simple awareness, understanding, and acceptance of the fact that you have the innate ability to expedite the spiritual development and expansion process by focusing upon your soul.

The spirit is also referred to as the aura or auric energy field. The auric energy field or hologram permeates the tangible body and extends outward from the body an average of a few feet. The energy comprising the aura is also intangible and is therefore difficult to see with the naked eye. People often catch a glimpse of the aura through the mind’s eye, but more often become aware of it through intuitive sense and feeling. The human aura contains all essential ingredients necessary to enable you to function as a living organism, from the tiniest molecules comprising your DNA to your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and all characteristics that make up your personage. The energy comprising the auric energy field is in a constant state of fluctuation, which can be easy to relate to considering our feelings and emotions regularly fluctuate and our thoughts often run chaotic.

While a hologram produced with lasers must use a tangible object to project its effects, the spirit works in the opposite fashion. The spirit, drawing its vital energy from the soul (source), sustains and projects the body. In other words, lasers produce effects going from tangible (the solid object) to intangible (the hologram). The spirit produces effects going from the intangible spirit (vital energy) to the tangible object (your physical body). Does this mean you are a projection of your spirit? You are. However, that can be a bit difficult to conceptualize at this point, so it is best to take it on faith.

Spirituality, when openly understood and accepted, and combined with the proper “can do” attitude, can help you immensely to be more successful in any area of life you choose. Whether it is wealth, relationships, family, service, or personal interests, it makes no difference. Achieving success in the physical arena can certainly be rewarding in many respects, but we may sometimes still find ourselves asking the question of whether or not it is enough. Success often comes in various stages and can be continuous, depending on the diligence and creative pursuits of the individual. Material or financial success can also be a momentary thing. If a person unexpectedly attains wealth and then kicks back, relaxes, and basically does nothing but spend, consume, and travel for a time, how long can that lifestyle last? OK, so you’ve attained wealth; however, after the ego is ballooned with hot air and the novelty wears off, is there not still a void left unfulfilled? You might not know what that void is, but intuitively, you’re sure it exists because a feeling of emptiness gnaws away at you from deep inside.

This empty space, whether consciously realized or not, has its roots in the most important two unanswered questions that we all have. “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” An individual who one day asks this self-reflective question has taken the most important basic first step toward spiritual growth and understanding the meaning of life. The spirit within this person has awakened him or her to begin a quest for individual meaning and purpose. Individual spirituality has begun to bubble.

Spirituality is something for each individual to pursue on an individual basis. You can read many books on the subject, which is certainly encouraged, but they will only provide you with guidance. Most spiritually related guidance provides a general context for the meaning and purpose of life. We do that, as well, in our course. Though you can read and search externally all you like for answers to these curiosities, the void will still remain for the following reason. The meaning and purpose of life are the meaning and purpose of life for you. No one else can give you these two bits of understanding any more than they can eat, think, or sleep for you. You must find it for yourself, and there is but one place to look. Individual Spirituality is discovered, realized, and expanded upon only through the Individual Spirit. This process is facilitated by looking within yourself to your own soul. This is true for two basic reasons, which, coincidentally, correspond to our previous two questions of “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” One, the meaning of life has relevance for only one person. That person is you, and it is based on your individual perception and life experience. Two, your purpose is unique only to you based on that perception, combined with your individual creative talents, characteristics, and love of life. You were created with many talents and characteristics all your own, and you have unlimited creative abilities to exercise those gifts and bring forth your greater purpose into reality. Of all the qualities you have, your spirituality reigns supreme. Your spirituality supersedes and superimposes itself over all of your other qualities to help you rediscover, redefine, broaden, and beautify your personage so that you can reach your highest potential. In other words, your spirituality enhances qualities you have and sparks new qualities that you don’t know you have. In light of this, when the meaning of your life is discovered, the question of “Who am I?” will be answered. When your purpose is discovered, the question of “Why am I here” will be answered.