A School for the Arts

The University of Spirituality is a school for all aspects of life. When we compare the University of Spirituality to a conventional school, it more closely resembles a school for the arts. The arts stimulate and bring out the creative side in us. There are no established standards or limitations in the area of arts and entertainment. It is solely up to the individual’s potential talents to create whatever he or she desires. Many of us live to be entertained. We have painters, photographers, sculptors, architects, actors, musicians, and dancers, to name just a handful. We have covered the art of architecture and “vision” or inner photography and are going to focus on the professions of acting, making music, and dancing for this semester. Whether you engage in these activities as a genuine career may be a mystery, but one thing is certain: you are an artist in the strictest sense of the word, and your creative skills will be more clearly defined as you progress with your studies and gain experiential proficiency.

The path of self-mastery is an art form unique to each individual. The process of learning the three phases of learning from God is an art form unique to each individual, especially phase three of creating in the art of self-expression. Creating your purpose and all of the nuances associated with it is an art form unique to you. The new job and purpose for which you are preparing is an art form unique to you. The manner in which you commune with God is a practice perfected only by you. The style in which you voice the AUMs, as well as the decrees you create, is a new, inspirational form of spoken poetry. The approach that you use to decipher visions is unique to you. The chief skills that you nurture is something shared for many years. Let us not forget the center theme for our work, Building Your New Home Within the House of God. Each brick you lay, each wall you put up, brings your new home one step closer to manifested reality. Traversing the nonphysical realms of life, regardless of how bizarre the scenario, is most definitely an art form unique to each individual because you assist in creating the scenario through your subconscious. Learning to acclimate, communicate, and interact through intangible means is most definitely an art form, like sign language for the mind. How you learn to deal with resurfacing memories and the entire healing process is an art form unique to each individual. Even the delicate process of balancing karma is a form of art, though one with which you are not overly exuberant. Karma is the self-portrait of the past that you wish to sell to someone else or toss away. The portrait of you is dark and gloomy, with minimal streaks of light. The goal is to paint a new vibrant self-portrait with minimal streaks of darkness.

The Emergence of Spirituality is also the emergence of an art form that is unique to us. Every form of art begins with an idea, which is then expressed through an individual. The sculptor claims that an envisioned figure is housed within a block of wood. The sculptor merely chisels away the excess, allowing the figure to emerge. The same holds true for us. A new, invisible figure is housed within us. We merely trim away the old energies in favor of new energies, allowing the new figure to emerge. The process is accomplished by allowing our spirituality to be expressed as the Creative Art Form that it is underneath the guises. God’s infinite array of energy, textures, colors, and shapes are the paint; we are the brush.

We remind the reader that the University of Spirituality is an etheric retreat that exists in the upper region of the nonphysical realms of life. Students fortunate to visit the retreat or cities of light claim the art and architecture are beyond anything imaginable – even the home or source from which all forms of art originates. Visiting the retreat is not a prerequisite for reaping the benefits. A strand of light energy to the Akashic records, the book of your life, and the greater hallways of knowledge link your soul, regardless of “where you are.”