A House of Many Mansions

Have you ever heard the expression “In My Father’s House Are Many Mansions?” They were spoken by Jesus and are a familiar sight to many people. The words can be interpreted in a variety of ways, one of which we shall share with you now. You, as an individual, are one of those mansions. Metaphorically speaking, your body (or your being) houses one of those mansions. Within your individual mansion, which is within yourself, is housed many rooms. Each of these rooms contains the memory of a past-life experience. A mansion typically contains numerous rooms spread throughout its inner walls, including a living room, study, dining room, den, kitchen, bathrooms, workrooms, recreational rooms, sitting rooms, closets, and numerous bedrooms. There are also a handful of floors, including a large and complex basement that houses secret rooms and corridors. The entire mansion represents a huge maze, your maze, that you must work your way through to develop yourself spiritually. Each of these rooms houses many activities, plus pictures on the wall, knickknacks, and most importantly, memories. Many things happened in those rooms, and many things are still going on. One of the most important tasks of individual spiritual development is the self-cleansing process. The task requires that you re-visit each and every one of your inner rooms. You must bring with you a mop, bucket, and whatever other supplies you need to commence the cleaning process. The cleaning process requires that you come face to face and re-experience those memories of your past that caused pain, hurt, suffering, animosity, jealousy, and loneliness, all of which resulted in emotional turmoil and mental anguish. It makes no difference whether these actions were inflicted upon others or upon yourself, because what you do to others you do to yourself. In short, you must come face to face with yourself. Before commencing this rigorous process, it is necessary to become acquainted with a room within your mansion that is of great importance. The room is your living room, and it houses the fireplace. This is your fireplace, and it is representative of you heart. It is within this room that you must begin each day. You must live your life from this room by regularly focusing your attention and awareness on its warmth. The hearth of this room – your heart – contains the pure light of God. When visiting your numerous other rooms, you will carry with you a lighted torch, a portable aspect, if you will, of your main fire. This light purifies and cleanses those memories that caused you pain and still pose as a barrier to your achieving a higher, more loving state of spiritual being. This light is the fire that burns but does not consume. Not all of your rooms contain dark, negative experiential memories, but many do. You may have gone nearly an entire lifetime without incident; however, it is the brief period in your life that draws you back to confront whatever issue plagues you. The issues we speak of here are any words or actions that were not carried out in accordance with the Universal Law of Love. Such actions accumulate as negative, dark, or tainted energies, otherwise referred to as Karma. Under the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, a derivative of the Universal Law of Love, you cannot move to higher ground until these misappropriated energies are cleansed and transformed. The cleansing process necessitates the renovation of your entire mansion. All you need to do is to ask to be led to your inner rooms. The Holy Spirit will then, working in and through your heart, lead you slowly and gently through the darkened corridors of your internal being, opening your senses to understanding what you are really all about. All of your rooms are locked and no one other than you holds the key. The key you have always had, only you haven’t been cognizant of it. The key is your newfound sense of expanding awareness, open-mindedness, receptiveness, understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness. Your being is, in fact, a mansion of not only past experience, but tremendous future potential. In other words, as each of your rooms becomes cleansed with the Light and Love of God, its characteristics change from that of limited illusion to one of creative ideas that will move you into the great being you are.