The idea of the University of Spirituality is learning directly through universal knowledge banks. Students learn to differentiate between direct and indirect knowledge. Direct learning means acquiring knowledge through intuitive awareness and inspirational creativity. In short, direct learning entails acquiring ideas, knowledge through direct attunement with the spirit and soul. Indirect learning means learning about life through any means other than direct, with words and language being the most common example. Learning directly constitutes experiential wisdom in the true sense of spirituality.

Let’s elaborate further. There are basically two ways through which we learn. We learn from an external, objective perspective and an internal, intuitive perspective. Since our inception into the physical world, the main thrust of our learning comes through our physical sensory receptors. These are our external senses of sight, sound, taste, smell and touch. Although we assimilate this knowledge internally, we take it in from an external source. This learning is dualistic for it is received through a source which we perceive as outside of ourselves. For the most part, this type of learning provides us with intellectual knowledge. External input has been our conditioned mode of learning since our ego established itself as a separate entity. The ego perceives its reality as revolving around itself. The ego has forgotten who its true teacher is. We have come to believe that the human brain solely governs our thoughts and perception. This is true to the extent that we limit ourselves to materialistic thought. But the power of the Holy Spirit or cosmic consciousness governs the brain and when the brain is aligned with that Power its potential is unlimited.

The other way we learn is by intuitive knowledge through our soul, or individualized spirit. By developing our intuition through spirit, we perceive the true reality of our nature. Our individualized spirit is a ray, or extension of God which gives us our true identity. The ray of God within us is One with the infinite maze of the universe. When we attune ourselves to our inner spirit, we will learn the true nature of ourselves as children of God. The process is a slow dawning because our inner spirit is overshadowed by an outer shell of darkened, materialistic energy limiting God’s ray of light from illuminating our being to its fullest potential.

Our two modes of learning are intricately linked. The spirit learns what the intellect learns, however, the intellectual side of us does not necessarily learn what the spirit learns. The intellectual side of us is governed by the ego and does not readily accept learning that it cannot verify with the senses. The ego is fearful and stubborn to accept new ideas on the material level, so just imagine the difficulty it will have accepting new spiritual concepts. Our ego does not govern our perception totally though. There have been many gifted philosophers, scientists, thinkers and musicians who have been inspired by spirit, such as Plato, Einstein, Stephen Hawkins and Beethoven to name just a few. They are individuals who, whether consciously or subconsciously, were able to slip into an intuitive frame of mind, connect with spirit and bring forth new concepts into the physical realm. We can all be inspired. Inspiration sneaks in all of us; it is up to us how we choose to use it.


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