Building Our New Home Within the House of God is the central theme of the University of Spirituality. It is also the title of one of the text books for study while pursuing the path of self-mastery. Building Our New Home Within the House of God is an analogy for building a spiritual home within you. The building process translates to renovating, renewing, enhancing and rebuilding the essence of your body, mind and spirit from within its existing framework. The building materials, blueprints and tools for this new home have always been available to you. The home is constructed utilizing the energy within your auric energy field. The blueprints of your new home can also be found hovering in the midst of your being. You merely have to transform your internal design to external reality. You must bring it forth from the invisible world to the visible, manifest world. You simply allow it to take shape.

You already have the tools you need for building your new home. God created them within each of us. We are born with the innate abilities to feel, intuit, love, reason, desire and create. While these abilities are important, perhaps the key factor in the building project is approaching the idea with an open mind and receptive attitude. The process of building requires focusing your attention on an area of your reality which you are probably not normally accustomed. In order to build a home from the invisible and seemingly empty confines of your internal being, it is necessary to utilize your tools by focusing them in an inward direction on your spirit and soul. The entire building process revolves around focusing on our heart, our center for love, while holding the earnest desire to Know God More Fully.

The construction project occurs through developing a close bond of friendship between you and a part of yourself that you may not know all that well…your spirit. When you come to know your spirit, you come to know yourself. You have always had a relationship with yourself. Now that you’ve decided to return to school (kindergarten) and have immersed yourself more fully in the process of inner learning, you are going to discover and come to know yourself and your spirit much more deeply. Your spirit will attend each and every class with you because your spirit accompanies you wherever you go. You will in fact become more closely acquainted with the new you! When you are open and receptive to a new friendship with your spirit, you are also forming a friendship with God. When you say to yourself, I desire to know God more fully, you can rest assured that you have opened up channels forming a new friendship with God that will be everlasting. And whenever you form a relationship with God, you form a more closely-knit bond with yourself. It is this new and special friendship that you, the divine seeker, will want to exercise confidence and trust in. Perhaps best of all, you will slowly learn to love, nurture, respect and appreciate the gift that God gave you…the gift of life.

While the project of Building Our New Home Within the House of God may sound like a radical concept and possibly overwhelming, try not to allow it to be complicated.   The entire process is really automatic. You simply monitor the process. The building blocks for your new home are housed within your auric energy field. You cannot grasp intangible energy with your hands as you would a ball of clay. Rather, you simply allow your new home to take shape. The energy molds into your new home like magic according to your individual desires to know God more fully and incorporate your home within the greater house of God.

Building Our New Home Within the House of God is, what we refer to as “The Ultimate Building Project for the Ultimate Goal.” The ultimate goal is the achievement of self-mastery. The achievement of self-mastery releases one from the wheel of karma and reincarnation.   Sound far-fetched? Oh yeah…one more thing. You do not have to leave the earthbound plane of existence in order to accomplish this goal. It is an accomplishment of unparalleled magnitude for the following reason. It is not just an accomplishment of a lifetime (one lifetime), but a culmination of all of your lifetimes (many incarnations). It is a celebration of the soul.

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