Karma is a highly complex issue and one in which the devotee of spiritual development ought to be well versed. Karma is most commonly defined as the law of cause and effect. This basically means that everything you send out eventually returns to you. Karma constitutes action, action to teach us lessons in life. This definition is quite true, but until we associate this action with the universal law of cause and effect, it will prove difficult to truly understand what this action implies and what type of lessons we are supposed to learn. Just as there are physical laws which govern our Earthly life, there are spiritual, or universal laws as well. Universal laws are those of morality that govern our behavior. We will take a deeper look into the law of cause and effect shortly, but first let us examine this action to provide us with a better perspective. We want to see exactly what comprises this action.

Karma in and of itself is energy in motion, or energy in action. It is the energy associated with our physical existence and that which we receive/direct into our life experience. This process of energy exchange is accomplished through our very own spiritual energy field that we carry around with us This energy field is more commonly known as our aura. Through our physical existence we direct our energy into countless ideas and activities in order for us to exist and meet whatever goals and objectives we set for ourselves. Our entire life experience is determined by how we focus our energy to satisfy our desires. We are meant to direct our energies for the purposes of doing good, both for ourselves and for our fellow brothers and sisters. The problem begins to arise when we act or speak in an inappropriate manner and do harm to ourselves and others. We should understand that karma in and of itself is neither bad nor good. Karma is merely energy set into motion. It is the misappropriation of this energy that causes it to accumulate negatively or darkly. 

This misappropriated energy can also be referred to as misused, misdirected or misqualified energy. You see, we are meant to express love toward ourselves and our fellow human beings. And it certainly doesn’t end there. We are meant to express love to animals, to the Earth, and to all of life. When we express love, we express goodness. When we express goodness, we express God. When we express God, the energy is friendly, harmonious and positive. Our being is a vehicle for expressing the Holy Spirit. When the energy of the Holy Spirit flows through us, it is in its natural form of love. It is clean, pure and untainted. It is up to us whether we choose to allow that golden spirit to continue flowing and be expressed as love or if we will muddy up that energy with negativity. Our aura continually records this process. If we choose to allow spirit to simply flow through us in harmonious fashion and we in turn express love, our aura records love and no damage is done. If we express something other than love, the energy becomes clouded and distorted and is recorded accordingly. We could say it is recorded negatively and for purposes of clarity we will say that anything other than love is negativity of a sort. God created us with a clean and pure slate and when we express our energy inappropriately, our auras become tainted, dirty and impure. Sooner or later payback time will come and we will re experience whatever negative word or action we gave out, for it is recorded and becomes a permanent part of our auric record. In other words, we will receive back what we gave out. It is also important for us to understand that this process is nothing personal. This is God’s law which keeps order throughout the universe. This law constitutes the universal principle of cause and effect or giving and receiving. The law makes perfect sense when you really stop to think about it. If you send out love, love will be reflected back to you. If you send out hate, anger, fear and negativity, that is what will be reflected back to you. Always remember the following words. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

They are some of the wisest words ever spoken! We can also expand the phrase to: speak onto others as you would have them speak to you. Accept the fact that this is a universal principle that keeps not only us, but all of life in line with love! It is also wise to accept the fact that there is no way of getting around or usurping this law.

We can see that our auric field constitutes our own individual life record; therefore, karma is not external to us, but internal. This also means that we are our own judge. The entire process of energy exchange is an automated one. Every single characteristic of the give/receive energy exchange process is imprinted in our individual life record. There is simply no escape. from one’s actions. Let them be good.


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