Welcome to the 5th Dimension

What would you say if you discovered a mystery school that existed in the fifth dimension? What would you say if you learned that you could actually attend this school? What would you say if you learned that you may already be attending this school only you can’t remember? Sounds like science fiction, right? Well, science fiction is fiction based on imagined possibilities regarding future scientific or technological advances and major social or environmental changes, frequently portraying space or time travel and life on other planets. This mystery school is not a conventional advancement, but a spiritual one, signifying a leap in consciousness.

The name of this mystery school is the University of spirituality. My name is Bodan and I’ve been attending this school for 15+ years. Mind you the experiences are quite elusive and memories distant, but real nevertheless. The experiences are akin to being abducted by a UFO, being infused with knowledge to the brink of overload, and then trying to convey your tall tale story to the authorities absent any witnesses. I know the experiences are a perpetual exposure to 5th dimensional reality. I cannot prove to you that the school actually exists, however, I have created a wealth of information and guidance consisting of The University of Spirituality website and a lengthy course about the wondrous potential that can be achieved when accessing a rather unusual teacher, yourself. Studying these concepts through those avenues constitutes learning at ground level, so to speak, but genuine confirmation of this profound knowledge and experience is gained by actually attending the school, which is what happens when you sleep. Sound pretty far out? The thing of it is, while  science fiction eventually transforms into reality, that reality is now! As an added bonus, while the school does not exist on another planet (it’s actually quite close to home) space and time travel apply in attending, but in an unconventional way. You travel there, either in a portalift, or free flying solo, while clothed in your 4th dimensional body. Now, considering that this mystery school exists in the 5th dimension, this means that class time is limited because your 4-D body can only handle brief exposures to 5th dimensional energies. This also means that as a general rule, the bulk of what you learn occurs subconsciously. More about that later.

The campus is located on an island in the sky in the upper stratosphere of the earth, but is invisible to the mortal eye. The curriculum is open and for good reason. Once you begin attending classes and lend credibility to the reality of your dreams, acclimating to the awesome reality of what is actually taking place takes precedence over figuring out your new career. Putting it simply- you’ll definitely be back in kindergarten. The faculty consist of the elders, ancients and the wise ancestors who have gone before us and now stand to teach us the knowledge for a prosperous evolutionary future. Numerous figures have attended this school and just as many unknowns. Big ideas, small ideas, it doesn’t matter, the school is open to everyone.

While all this sounds fantastic, let me briefly summarize what I have learned. There are important questions we ask ourselves about life experience, such as who we really are, why we are here, and what our purpose is, which is to say engaging in a truly rewarding activity instead of maneuvering aimlessly through work to reach retirement, and then politely bowing out, hopefully after aging gracefully. Speaking of which – then there is attempting to solve the age-old mystery of what happens to us when we do bow out, not to mention where we go. You know, that inevitable transition that everyone fears, but are too fearful to discuss.

Though awesome in every respect, it was not just attending school, but the experience itself that really mattered, not to mention the manner of transport. The 5th dimension is infused with an environment of light, peace and tranquility; an irresistible effervescence that words simply cannot convey. Greed, opposition, conflict, hostility, illness, and poverty are absent. The weather is absent as well – it is more akin to a fluctuating animated beauty that comes from inside of you. Overall, there is a sense of reassurance that you are loved and secure, and nothing can harm you.

Life on the earth will go on as it will. Everything will be okay, but that’s not to say that we should not do our very best to help make the earth a better place, however small our role seems. This is important because although we possess the innate ability to visit the 5th dimension, permanent residency there is not automatic and dependent on how we live our earthly life, including plowing our way through the 4th dimension, which is part of that life. In the meantime, know this. There IS a world beyond the earth and there are numerous gradations associated with that world.

So, in summarizing what I have learned after all these years, in the end it really does not come down to getting your hands on the answers to life’s most important questions. That enduring sense of curiosity is simply part of the journey. It comes down to the experience of life itself. In other words, the answers to the questions I had for so long disappeared, in the blink of an eye. In fact, I no longer had questions and cared neither for answers.